The Astonishing Beauty of the Italian Coast

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More Images from Polignano a Mare

One of my very first posts on this platform was about a visit to Polignano a Mare, a town in Bari, Italy. I recently came across some more photos of this amazing town that I'd love to share with you all.


I find myself thinking about this week-long vacation a lot recently. Especially having been on lock-down for so long! It was a spur of the moment trip.


There was a photo being passed around Facebook at the time of a restaurant that was built into the rock face of the cliffs. We had to do a search on the internet to figure out where the heck it was located.


After a quick look, it turned out that it was an easy trip from where we were at in England. We just needed to hop on an Alitalia flight and we were there in no time! As far as spontaneous trips go, this was the best.


To date, I am still convinced that this is the most breathtakingly beautiful place that I've ever visited in my life. I've done quite a lot of traveling, as well! Of course there are still many places to see out there but as far as natural wonders go this place takes the cake.


There is just nothing like it where I come from in the United States. I mean, don't get me wrong. There is plenty of beauty to see right here at home. But this small town in Italy was the closest thing I've experience to being on an alien planet.


I probably sound quite silly to Europeans who live near this sort of landscape. It's probably quite common to you all! In fact, the entire Italian coastline could look like this as far as I know. Other than Polignano, I've only been to places like Rome and Florence in Italy.


That being said, I will certainly be visiting the Italian coast again sometime soon. Also, I forgot to mention about the food and the people. Absolutely amazing! Everyone was so inviting and helpful even though we couldn't speak a word of Italian. Somehow I managed to find a couple of people who spoke broken Spanish which turned out to be extremely helpful!

I I would highly recommend this little town to anyone traveling through Italy. You won't regret it!


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I miss my travels - hopefully 2021 will be better. For me, it would even be a shorter hop to get there! Inspiring photos - I should dig up my Portugal photos from last year .... or Croatia ..... or France ..... or Switzerland and several more. There is so much to see and experience. This year, locked up at home 😟

I sure hope 2021 is better. This is just terrible. Oh, please do post the photos! I look forward to it. Let me know if you do - I am so sporadic on here these days.

I will, Rick - soon! I am just updating my Flickr - would you believe there are photos from far back as 2007 that I have not even processed? But yes, 2019 was a great year, and I should add some of those here.

It looks so beautiful! I am sure you will do a lot of travelling after all of this covid stuff is over!

Me too, @creativemary. I really miss traveling. It's making me sick being stuck in one place.

Oh I can understand. This is a very difficult time for everybody. I can relate to what you're saying. Hopefully it will soon go away and life will be again as it used to, at least in regards to travelling

Woo what an amazing place! The rocks are layered, I can imagine how much history they could tell if they spoke. I definitely wouldn't miss visiting this city if I ever got to visit Italy! Have a nice day Rick!🤗

It is by far my favorite place that I have visited! Also there are a lot of people who can speak at least a little bit of Spanish so you will do fine!

I like this place too much Because it reminds me a place where is in a movie which Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt acted together.Their last movie with together.Its scenerio was written by Angelina Jolie if i am not mistaken...Pictures are great...The place is in seashore and also looks historical. If one-day i found an opportunity to travel Italy i would definitely visited here.

haha, I think I remember that movie. Mr and Mrs Smith or something? Maybe I'm thinking of another movie. Either way, it is an amazing place.

No...The movie's name is "By the Sea" not Mr. and Mrs. Smith :)))

I remember I got to spend two months in a really long time ago and love the countryside. The people in the scenery and the coastline was remarkable. Thanks for bringing back good memories with these pictures!!

You're welcome! I could easily spend a couple of months (or longer) in this beautiful country. Such precious memories you must have.

I can see that this is a perfect trip. photos are great. and I really wish to be there. thank you for sharing this wonderful trip with us

I am glad you enjoyed them! I really miss this little town.

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I would like to visit such place too Sir @nuthman I think I never been on a vacation before so it just sucks :(