Strange Metal Camel...Funny fictional story

in OCD2 months ago


In a remote village where civilization is like a myth, a man reigns supreme. He had traveled back to his village from the city where he lived with his pickup truck, and upon getting to the village he noticed how the villagers marveled and stared at the truck in awe, they had think of it and call it the "Magic Camel". They had never seen a moving mechanical entity before now and it seems the man driving it is one of their deity which they make sacrifices to at full moons.

Saka was a failed private delivering business man in the city, he spotted the massive opportunity and he realised he could make a fortune right where he is after struggling for so long in the city for many years. So he started a local pickup business, picking the village people to and from their farms, of course the only occupations in this remote village is Fishing and farming. So he set a time every morning for pick ups for villagers going in the same directions and pick ups for the ones who's farmlands were in the same cluster.

Business boomed, after a year Saka built two houses and married two wives. He had seven kids later on, he married more wives. Reason is simple, the chances of these villagers seeing another truck in the remote village for maybe decades to come is slim, so he revelled in the moment and lived happily ever after!