The Takeover : Fantasy Thriller #10

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Nobody believed Mel when she narrated her story of the strange pathway on the Ocean at sunset every Thursday evening. It’s the third time in a roll she had seen it on her way back home from the Psychiatric Home where her mom was been held.

Of course everyone is beginning to consider her “Mental” like her mom too, considering the amount of time she spent with her despite the unreconcilable state Mrs.Jones had been since losing her husband and three kids, Mel’s siblings in the house fire. Mel was the eldest, she had been living with her own dad after Mr and Mrs Jones divorced before Mel’s mom remarried. But she had stay close, always coming for holidays and visits, she bonded with her step siblings who are now all dead in the carnage.

By mid summer, the news of Mel’s story had spread and people rarely pay attention to her no more. At 17 years she could be on drugs just like her peers, but she wasn’t on drugs, it was real, the Seven Sea kingdoms were at war and the bad apples of the underworld had been seeking places to overtake in the World up above the deep oceans, a place to establish as their new kingdom should in case they lose the war beneath.

Detectives Jane and Kyle were the ones who first saw the strange events in their patrol car, they had radioed the coast guard and the whole City by the seaside is now beginning to realize Mel wasn’t mad, the whole city could now see the path coming out of the ocean like a newly constructed bridge as it link up to the solid ground.

The sea dwellers have come in plain sight, not hidden from anyone anymore, all the city folks now felt like the mad ones, Mel the sane one now. She had booked her ticket far away to the Northern city before and must have been half way when the Sea dwellers took over the City up-top!


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