A typical South African flower nursery!

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This African Leopard will show you some unusual nursery sights today.

I stayed away from the usual flower pictures, to rather focus on some typical African sights!


A place of peace and calm as we walked around in the neat lanes of flowers and art pieces!
They also have a restaurant here where one can sit and listen to a waterfall and wild birdsong!


Such a cute little Elephant clasping this flower pot!


Now, I don't know what this flower is, but it has air inside the leaf tubes. You can see the bottom leaf that I squeezed gently and I was surprised that it was not solid!


Now this one I know as it is a flying male Carpenter bee in flight searching for some pollen!


One of those meditating centers that are all over the place here in the area.


These crates caught my attention, as they have our Papillon name and it seems that there is a Papillon hotel in France somewhere in Paris!


Here's a closer look at the sign on that one crate!


Finally just some residents. A couple of wild Guinea Fowls!

My wife's aunts invited us here for a tea visit and of course while she was chatting away to her aunts, I did the usual with my camera. Walking around to speak to the birds 🤣

I could pump another 10 to 30 photos in here, but only wanted to show you some of my favorites.
Hope that you liked it!

And that's All Folks!

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and cropped for uploading!
Camera used: Canon Powershot SX60HS.

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Thank you kindly!
I think that this is great going?

Yes, it is!

Hey mate, you seen that cheetah I'm racing around lately? Seeing that leopard reminded me. Hopefully he's training...I'm not going to be holding back. 🥴

Hi mate, been missings you these last few days.
I think that cheetah's on a secret training camp, must have heard a whisper about the rocket from Aus, so yeah, I thi9nk you got him a little worried 🤣

Any results on the tests yet?

That cheetah's going down!

Yeah, no cancer. Now just got to work out the root cause of the issue...It's there for a reason, but luckily not cancer, or so they say.

Like I just said, he is running scared of the D-Dog express lol.

What a relief!!! Yeah, the root cause has to be sorted, but the big C is not involved and the blessing is that they caught it in time.
Great news indeed!

Now for the pain of paying for the treatments and the consultations, but anything is worth avoiding cancer.

I just told Marian and she sends her happiness to you guys!

Thanks mate, and Marian too! 🙂

Yep, you're right none of this is cheap and most of it is not covered by Medicare so it's out of pocket. We're not sure of how much in total, but four figures, probably $2000-$2500 I suppose at a glance. Not really cool I guess, but there's little choice.

Oh yeah, it rocked our pockets as well my friend and in all honesty I cannot see how they can charge such a huge amount for laying in a MRI scanning machine.
The machine does all of the work and then the expensive specialist doctor only advises.

Now once my back is fused, a new knee awaits, but I have told them only after Covid is gone.
In the meantime it allows us to save up lol.

It is a real pain to spend your hard worked for money on this, but as you said, it has to be done and choice is not an option.

I don't think I'd want to be having an operation right at the moment either. The COVID situation is getting worse here...The numbers are far worse than they were in the first wave. Apparently in Victoria only one in four confirmed cases are being found isolating at home when checked upon by the authorities. It's spreading really quickly. So...Being in a hospital is not where I'd want to be right now.

The cost of some medical expenses is crazy. Remember a month ago I had to have that ultrasound-guided cortisone injection in my shoulder? It cost $307 dollars with no rebate from Medicare! It took a total of under ten minutes from walking into the room to walking out.


Totally agreed with you and we hope that when summer comes this covid thing will slacken. But some are saying that it could last for a minimum of 3 years.
I am high risk, over 65 and can simply not take any chances.
We have hundreds of hospital staff that were infected with the virus, so I view a hospital as a graveyard for me.

Yeah, I remember that injection and it translates into about R5065 here.
I have to say that it is ingenious how the medical innovators have combined electronics with practical medical procedures, but one would assume that after 100,000 patient treatments, the machines would be paid off and a reasonable fee would be charged. But not so, as every year they rather increase the fees.

Ever heard of a "Doppler"?
They put some grease on the sides of your neck and then run a hand held scanner up and down over the grease. This scanner is connected to a machine with a video screen that shows the blood running through the main Carotid arteries from the heart to the brain.
That's how they discovered that my main right hand artery was blocked.
So, a little scanner treatment costs thousands.
Then I don't want to tell you for how long we almost lived on bread and water every day after paying for the operation lol.

#posh share:

The elephant did look very lovely!

Thank you Lady Mary and yeah, the Elephant was a great invention.

My pleasure!

Our flower nurseries are also not only offering plants and flowers anymore. They have sculptures and other pieces of art or antiques between the flowers which are sometimes also very exotic ones. They look as nice and interesting as the nursery which you have visited.

I also like this little elephant and I'm not surprised that someone who shoots birds in flight like you would be able to take a photo of a bee in flight 😉

Cheers and !BEER

It seems to be an international trend to include all types of artworks in between the patches of flowers on sale.
We went to a farm a while ago, where the owner is an artist that makes huge statues of animals and other things and he placed them all over on his farm. Beautiful statues made of bronze and other metals.
I did post about the visit.

Yeah that is a cute Elephant and I blame all of the shots on my dragonfly training hahaha.
But thank you for the compliment!

Cheers and thanks!

Yes, I think so too. I have first seen such in a flower nursery in Salzburg where we bought flowers for Valentine's Day some years ago, and then I noticed it in our flower shops too. I think that's a great idea what they are doing. It makes flower shopping more interesting, at least for me 😁

I think I have said it before and I say it again, I have to practice shooting birds in flight before I can even think of photographing insects in flight - you train with dragonflies, wow 👍😄

Cheers and !BEER

Good evening Hannes, hope your Friday is good thus far?

A great concept to combine art and florals, as it also draws clients in other fields.
Problem here is the things are a bit expensive hahaha.
Good that they are else our garden will be full of little Elephants lol.

Ah! The training in shooting dragonflies was only when I started in photography, as a wise man told me that if I could get it right with the small things, then it would be much easier to shoot the bigger ones.
And he was correct.

So, I would suggest that you rather start with the insects and as you progress, you will see that the bigger ones are easier.

Cheers and thanks!

Good evening Zac,

I finished earlier in the office today and after lunch I rode to my parents. It was so hot that I even sweat while I was riding.
And it was much too hot for a walk or a hike. So I spent the afternoon in the shadow and took a few macros of flowers.

I have already seen that you have spent your day with your wife and a sea lion 😊

I know, and you have told me that before, but I will have to force myself shooting flying insects, but I am just too lazy - flowers don't fly and waterfalls don't move neither, that's much easier 😁

Cheers and !BEER

Hahaha, okay Hannes you can ignore my question in your previous reply as nowcI knowwhat you did today.
You always make me happy when you visit your parents!

Wow, sweating on a bike means high degrees of sunlight my friend and shade is indeed the best place to be.
During the very hot summers here, I also jump from tree to tree like a monkey to stay in the shade hahaha.

Now, now, you will have to shake that lazy habit of yours young man.
Taking photos of static things is good, but the challenges with moving things are even greater hahahah.

Cheers and thanks!

I answered anyway 😁

So I make you happy when I visit my parents? Cool 😄

Yes, it was very hot.

I know, and maybe I leave the laziness in the house tomorrow morning 😉

Cheers and !BEER

Hahaha, I saw your answer lol. Very polite and thanks!

I bet your parents was also happy to see you!

Tomorrow is Saturday, weekend, a time for laziness hahaha.
But when you are in full time weekly employment, then weekends always offer an escape into the wild blue yonder lol.

Cheers and thanks!

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Always interesting hidden art and crafts at nurseries, waiting for September to start planting again.

Thank you Lady Joan, an amazing thing that I see here, as people have started to plant now all over the place.
Maybe it's because the weather patterns are so funny here.
Thank you and hope that you guys will have a good Friday!