Yesterday is dead and gone!

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They built these to last forever!

Mankind's resistance to change!
And oh, the cry that went up as the new Diesel inventions started to appear on the train tracks. Diesel engines now to replace coal and steam trains. Never, they said!!!
But gradually the new became the norm and the steam era drew to a close.

Today all of these old iron horses are one step away from the graveyard!

To show you only old trains would be boring, so I have included some landscape shots to show you the beauty of the area.


Early out before the sunrise to hit the road!


40kms of tar road gave way to a beautiful stretch of dirt road!


Did I tell you that we have many farms around?


Back to the old Baily, who is on tourist duties nowadays!


Collecting tourists and visitors in the big city and bringing them all the way out here into the rural areas on a great day trip!


Sights like this, an abundance for the visitors to see!


A few more looks at the steam train here!



And then it was back on the road home again.
The clouds told us that there would be a special good bye to us~!


Nothing like a beautiful sunset show over miles of open acres!


Sun in the cloud and enough time for us to get home before dark!


Finally, one of my favorite quotes next to a footpath on the farm where we used to stay!

What would life be like without challenges? For one thing, we would have millions of human drones leading a boring existence all around us.
"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe" Abraham Lincoln
Mr Lincoln surely understood the purpose of problems and the necessity of how to overcome them.

This also counts for my posts, as I am trying different styles and different lengths to overcome a value problem and we will have to wait and see what is going to work for us.
I am leaning more and more to the idea that quality is in the eye of the beholder and just as the old steam trains have fallen away, we also have to adopt new systems and ways to cope with the IT influx.

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Absolutely breathtaking landmark, and the sexy old train. Thank you for incurring my favourite time of the day, sunset moment 👌.

Sweet post

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Excellent photos! I really like the first one with the train and also the landscape shots with the lake and the sunset. A feast for the eyes!

Thank you Sir Keith. A compliment from you means a lot to me.
Hope that you will have a good weekend!

Oh, those train shots are fabulous! Especially the one up close! Your first shot and the rest of the landscapes are especially stunning. You really have a great eye!

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Thank you for popping in Lady Denise and I can see that you are as bright and kind as ever.
We are rained in here to add to the lockdown situation, so I had to go and visit my files.
Blessings and take care!

You have awesome files! :) I would say that yours are hands down some of the better ones I have seen (the trains!)


Ah! The trains. I love their angry hisses and tortured groans when those big steel wheels start turning.
I made a video and have it somewhere.
Blessings and thank you for the kind words as always!

Oh! That would be awesome, of course!

Will search and send my dear!

Yay~!!! You are the best!

Just honest my dear!🧡

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Thank you Lady @dswigle

My pleasure, always!

You are very special!

Wonderful post. I love steam engines and have previously shared some of my pictures here. I'll have to bring them out again some time, I can tell.

Ah! Glad that I could also stir up some of your memories.
We share the love of steam engines.
Take care!