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I don't have much knowledge about name of flower. I only know a few name of the flowers. Everyday I see my mom worship deity with various types of flower. This flowers are in my garden. Everyday these flowers blooms and my mother collect them. Then she dedicate these flowers to the god. Everyday different types of flowers blooms in my garden. Today these beautiful flowers blooms in the garden.


China rose

China Rose

China Rose is a beautiful and attractive flower. Generally it has 4 colours pink, red, yellow and white. But in my collection I have two , white and yellow. I have plant this in front of my home.


This evergreen flower shrub plant is belonging to the Malvaceae genus.The origin is from East Asia. In 1853, scientist Carolus Linnaeus named it Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. The Latin word ‘rosa-sinensis’ means ‘rose of China’. source


macro view




Jasmine Flower

It's an another flower of my garden. The name Jasmine reminds me Arabian story of 'Aladin'. In story there is a princes named 'Jasmine' who became the girlfriend of Aladin.


Jasmine Flower

Its scientific name is Jasminum multiflorum. It belongs to the family Oleaceae of the genus Scrophulariales.





All the shots are taken by my Samsung Galaxy M10 and I am the author

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