Alphabet Hunt - letter G

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Here is my post for a fun challenge by @barbara-orenya: ALPHABET HUNT



This is my cup. It's really better than fake-canon-lens from my previous post.


Ginger bread.jpg

Those gingerbreads are handmade, and very artsy

Glue - Glue sticks

!Glue .jpg

All these glue sticks are mine. I use only one of them at random, when I need.


0 !GONDARD! 0.jpg

G for Grondard. It is coffee beans in chocolate.

Gadget or geek




This is a screenshot from Fallout: New Vegas, first they appeared in the 2nd series of Fallout, and became Inseparable part of the game. They're cute and my fav.


your geese are original ^_^ we got a lot of geese this week, so we could admire goose from all around the world...yours is the first drawn one 😉
You seem to enjoy having a lot of different glue...I can so understand that 😁
Is that real coffee beans in the Grondard (sounds like a french name) or are they marzipan ones ? I love marzipan, if they are marzipan ones, please send me some 🤪
Your gadget geek photo is priceless ! ❤️

Now go do your homeworks for the H week hunt, young lady !

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