my journey to the Alphabet Land (day L)

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My next post for the Alphabet Hunt challenge by @barbara-orenya. This time we had to find words starting with letter "L".

loft / luck / lilly / linden / letter / labyrinth / lemon (and lemonade!) / larvae / lion / lobster / lorry / lavanda / lazy / legs / lick / level / lever ...

The world seemed was consisting from the L-words only! It was not a problem to find 6 words and to illustrate them - the problem was which one to choose: everything looked so tempting and promising! (Maybe, except of lucrative and lunatic: I am not sure how to illustrate them). But nobody can fit an unfittable, right? (Как говорил мой старый наставник-редактор: "Нельзя впихнуть невпихуемое!)

So, I decided to go with these ones:

L — Loneliness

lonely bear.JPG

This is a picture I took at corporative celebration of year 2012' ending. Loneliness as it is.

L — Lichens

A focus stake of three macro shots. I like to shoot lichens -- they look weird and unique, as well as mushrooms. These orange-green ones look like a precious jewelry piece with gold and a bronze patina, arent they?


L — Lotus flower


I found this Lotus flower on an old wallpapers... I dont remember where. Enjoyed it a lot. There are no real lotuses around where I live, sadly, so I cant shoot them for real -- a great flower!

L — Ladybug


I shoot this labybug at one of St.Petersburg parks. A splendid fatty edition ideal for black and white shooting (btw I captured it at night). Those who convey my macro shoots are in the know I dont meet ladybugs too often, they dont want to pose me. So, when I stumbled upon this one late at night, I clicked the trigger almost immediately!

L — Lifejacket


This was captured during my travel to Ladoga skerries. I have a tonn of various pictures with lifejackets, as we obliged to wear the jackets all the time we are onboard of the ship. Unfortunately all of them are left at my PC, found just these two on my external HD.


L — Legs!

Sadly I didnt find any cool Labirynth in the neightbourhood to my village, so I will share some cool Legs instead, hope you appreciate them too. I bet you dont see such a legs on everyday basis!




I have more beautiful legs for you!


Ok, this was the last pair. Hope you didnt become bored! Thanks for stopping by. Come back next week, and join the fun!

Now I think its a right time to create an index to my posts for this great challenge.




I want to be this high.

come on, light my the fire! (c)

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Haha ! Rarely disappointed by your selections indeed ! I always enjoy your choice of words, and the way you illustrate for me, when I have not the animal on hand, I can illustrate it with a painting or capture the giant lotus in front of my townhall, so I do appreciate the lotus on wall paper and the big ladybug 😁

The loneliness of the bear is also great indeed ! in some corporative celebration I would feel as lonely like this bear..😆 but wait, I never go to corporative celebration, ooh my ...what a relief ! 😄

And the pairs of Legs are just fantastic ...

mm, Barbara, feeling happy that I delivered you a few minutes of joy and surprises. Legs was a last minute decision, btw. we had some matching entries, and, for me, its is fun and valuable, to present the well-known things from unusual angle of view.

Yes, similar entries really don't bother me neither when they bring something more and interesting worth to be shown...😉

I enjoyed those legs very much! I don't think that will bore me 😀

There are no real lotuses around where I live
As I have recently started to follow your blog, may I ask where do you live?

Great entry and some neat shots!

Well, for lunatic I would know something, but I'm toooo polite 🤣

I give you a word for the next letter: Marvelous post, my friend, as always 👍😀

But this bear looks really lonely. If you didn't title the photo Loneliness then I would have thought that word after seeing it.

Cheers and !BEER

lunatic have taken over Asylum in Russia, maybe you advise me to take a photo of the president from a magazine? would work. i am not polite at all, heh.

then I would have thought that word after seeing it.

gran merci for the compliment. I like that lonely bear pleased you. the vertical beetle is one of my faves, too. I have to share a post of 5-10 pics with that beetle and tell a little funny story about me hunting him. one day. now my hands are free and i will have a look at others L-posts, and probably you poLLinated aLL of them with nice comments... and maybe even watered them with some !BEER, did you?

Haha, I didn't think of a president 😉 lol

You are very welcome my friend, your post was exceptional as always, and I could have written more, also about the beetles and their Legs, but I have been too tired after a long day 😁

Yes, I think I have commented all L posts with some !BEER 😉

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Again you show us some original photos and interesting illustrations of the L words. There are so many to choose from, but your choice is very good. I like the macro shots of the lichen and the bugs.