my journey to the Alphabet Land (day M)

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My next post for the Alphabet Hunt challenge by @barbara-orenya. This week we were searching for the words starting with letter "M". An easy and pleasurable quest, as there exist hundreds and thousands of good M-things.

But before I start, look at these cool M-bisquits I have found during my word hunting this week. They were very tasty ;)


M — Moderne / Mascarons


My city of St.Petersburg is unofficially named 'The North Venice', and theres a lot of truth in it (except of the sunny weather). Its historical center is full of splendid architectural Masterpieces and is a great place for everyday walks and tourism. This apartment building is one of them -- unfortunately located too far from the city areas I use to pass by. Moderne, also named as 'the Jugendstyle' or 'Art Nuovo' is my fave style, I am in love with it since I knew it. Sufficient districts of the city that developed at the beginning of XIX century, were created along the guides of this style. I wish I could inhabit one of the flats in this house, but unfortunately it is totally out of the question until I earn money with a decent labour of my own hands.

In the past I've published quite a few posts with Mascarons, so my followers might know what it is: buildings' decorations in the shape of heads... not necessarily human heads :)

! mono_2727w.jpg

Once my wife and me laid our hands on a real mascaron -- we received it from our acquaintances who worked at a restoration workshop. Luckily, I had camera with me, and captured a few fantastic Memorable shots.

M — Malady


There are more or less well-known words, such as ill, illness and disease, but there is also Malady that stands in their shade; it has quite a certain semantics: its not something serious leading to death that can be cured -- rather a disfunction. This leaf definitely has a Malady.

M — Mermaid


Mermaid is the main element of Warshava's coat of arms. Once I have been there, I saw a lot of it in the streets decore elements, like lightposts, trash-bins, etc. The only two souvenirs I brought back from my travel there, were a little paper blocknote, and a Magnet with this coat of arms -- its beautiful! (I look at it every day because it is sitting on my PC' case). Sadly, I cant take a picture as I am here and magnet is there :P Would be cool to have one more M double-shot, but its nothing I can do about it... but I found a streetphoto of Warshava's mermaid for you. Isnt it lovely?

I do not have silver coins with mermaids (I wish I had!) so I inserted what I have -- maybe to entertain @silversaver888 a little bit... and all of the community, of course, too. Its so much fun to find things not in the proper places :))

M — Meditation


This Meditation I captured at the Ladoga skerries. The man you see in this frame, hewas a great teammate; he acquainted us with pu-er, he showed me how to use kayak (see my previous K-post), he played flute, one day he cooked for all of our big team a pile of pancakes (we ate them with freshly harvested blueberries! it was extazy) which were made in the field conditions, right on a campfire ... which is not that easy, akin to a feat! All in one, he was an exceptional person, after 8 years I still keep the warmest Memories about him.

M — Memory

More of my Warshava shots here. My visit to the city was brief and transit, but I visited just one museum: Muzeum Więzienia Pawiak, memorial museum of Pawiak, which for many years was the main Polish jail, and played especially sad role during the WW2. During the war it was destroyed ( only a few fragments remained: part of the walls and gates survived, as well as the elm inside the prison). Poles turned it into museum and preserved the memory of the place with a very unique and creative touch. I will be a very bad storyteller (if anyone intrested welcome to the wiki page).

memory _3793_1.jpg

memory _3793_2.jpg

A little bit of history, just in two words. Right after the city was liberated, the relatives of the deceased prisoners in Pawiak attached plaques with their names to this elm tree... the dead tree eventually was sawn into pieces (which are also kept in the museum) and its copy stands in the open-air square, with a lot of plaques hanging on it. The inside space of museum has thousands of martyr's photos and names -- all of them are listed there on the walls... and their occupations, as well. I was so much impressed with it, especially as I havent seen anything like that back in Russia... The history indicates that my poor Motherland definitely has a different attitude to a single human life. Uniqueness of one person and his life are valued here apparently about zero -- and it is not communist's invention... :(

I wasnt allowed to take pictures indoors, which became an irritating thing to me, as I wanted to bring back home the memory of this place. Well, I did a few shots outside, and they served a good crutch / support to my memory.


It is the memory, or I do not know what it is at all.

M — Martini

Dont want to finish at the sad note; lets dilute and polish sad memories with summer delights.


Martini is Martini, what to comment here?

All the images taken by me, as always. This round I almost had no leftovers, except of:

mask / music / medicine

Those are all good things... but nobody can fit an unfittable, right?
Как говорил мой старый наставник-редактор: "Нельзя впихнуть невпихуемое!

And here is an index to my previous posts for this great challenge:


Hope you enjoyed travelling with me. Come back next week, and join the fun!



Really like the mascaron, and thanks for sharing the stories.

Was having pu-er a short while before reading, the kayak-pancake-flute guy would have approved!

hehe, cool, nice to hear from you. this challenge is so much fun! (but a bit time consuming, ofc). glad you enjoyed my efforts, and next time! @a0i

Интересный пост и фотографии.
На фото M — Meditation мой взгляд (почему-то) притягивает обувь (думаю что это галоши-калоши) и я немогу понять - почему...

ну... да. резиновые сапоги в походе - незаменимая вещь. это такая, походная медитация в полевых условиях. там и лождка вытащенная на берег есть! конечно не самое сообразное сочетание с медитацией, но... что ж поделать. "продаю что есть" (с)
кстати, а вы не хотите присоединиться к игре? еще пол-алфавита пройти осталось. причем, амые сложные и хитрые буквы там... скоро начнутся... :=)

а какие правила и как присоединиться?

сейчас переведу и напишу. все легко.


hello i like your m
the mailbox and the martini hehej I like it on Sundays hahaha
the tree is haunting
Happy Wednesday

You put a lot of heart and time on your #alphabethunt s indeed...and this one is no exception to your habits 😉
I think you are a good storyteller on the contrary, you make us travel through your original pictures and the anecdotes and stories about them, this is each time a very pleasant moment that I think we are many to thank you for @qwerrie 😊


Oh my... what an enjoyable, charming, and heartfelt post. Reading it I journeyed through different feelings and emotions. Tasty crunchy M-biscuits, optimistic and hopeful that you and your wife get to live in a building with Mascarons (so that is what they are called, thank you!), then confounded about the maladies of this world, pleasantly surprised to be mentioned in your article, and loved that you found a favorite Mermaid depicted in a street bin, a feeling of peace and quiet in meditation, somber viewing the memorial and reading your WWII story, then finally a sigh of Ahhh... Martini! Just beautiful!
Have a lovely day, my friend @qwerrie, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

wow. you do know how to make a compliment! in your review my alphabet trip may look like more great than it is. TNK you, I am really honored.
( may I share some !BEER with you? )
now, as I am done, I am checking all the other entries 8-)

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@steemean - Jimbo, join this game, instead of upvoting other's posts :)))

Great post my friend, so much information and interesting photos.

That leaf look really ill and I have never seen a Mermaid on a trash bin. I do not know what pu-er is and I have never had a Martini in my life, believe it or not 😁
I believe this prison could tell some interesting stories if it could talk, certainly more than the official stories tell 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

stones and houses do not speak, thats a common knowledge. ( the !BEER do not speak either, right?) but people and documents do.

ofc I believe that you did not try a single Martini in your life. I cant get how could it happen, tho. "But HOW, mister Sherlock Holmes?!?!"

pu-er is a black Chinese tea, with a bit unusual taste that varies from nuts taste to the soil (!) aftertaste. Pu-er tea is a tea you get used to. it also tones up perfectly.

ok, glad you enjoyed my efforts.. see you next time!

Oh my dear friend, houses do speak - the older a house is the more it has to tell you. Just go inside, sit down, lean against a wall and listen. Soon you will hear a voice and if you listen carefully it will tell you what has happened.
Some houses are telling nonsense, but some stories will remind you on Stephen King, Simon Becket or even Jane Austen or Diana Gabaldon, who knows? 😊

I have always been a !BEER drinker - sometimes a glass of red wine (or two) and sometimes a Whiskey or a Schnaps from a local distillery 😉

OK, thanks a lot, now I know one more thing. I'm no tea drinker if I'm healthy, but now that I know I will try the pu-er tea if I see it somewhere :)

Have a wonderful weekend @qwerrie ☀️

Cheers and !BEER

hey, I got an extra grade comment from you. well, I can say I a little bit provoked you :=) I do not need to be persuaded that houses can speak. they do, I know that :)

thanks for the !BEER -- it came even before my morning coffee today.
my N-list is 5/6 ready, need to shape the stories and maybe take some last-minute decisions. who knows! it is not so easy round for me, hard to surprise each time :))

Hm, didn't you say "stones and houses do not speak, thats a common knowledge. "? I only wanted to tell you they do and thought you might want to find it out yourself. So you have been kidding me and I didn't get it? 😁 lol

Take your time, but I already know that your post will be very unusual and as you say surprising again 😊

Cheers and !BEER

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Thank you for the beer @qwerrie 😀

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Ты хорошо потрудился, мой друг)) А я ныне был в лесах и всё пропустил. Но ведь буковки не закончились))
По поводу маскарона... есть у меня глина, надо подумать...))

я бы на твоем месте все равно вывесил пост, уже вне конкурса, и можно даже не обязательно в FeelGood. а можно и туда. главное, лучше его все равно сделать! и в твоем списке постов, не будет непонятной "дырки" на месте этой буквы.

зы. я так и подумал, что ты в лесах!
pps. @photofeed проводит конкурс профи, тема недели - люди. надо не отдельный пост, а картинку сбросить в ихний пост. я подумал, тебе может быть интересно.

да, может и стоит вне конкурса что нить постануть. Это если времени хватит, может сегодня опять в леса)) Не думаю, что кто-то следит за моим списком постов, но для порядка было бы правильно)
СФЗ...расшифруй)) Конкурс, конечно, интересен, тем более картинка не пост) ща буду поглядеть, благодарствую)


что расшифровать? не понял.

СФЗ... это что? мож вопрос и выглядит глупо, но я не знаю ответа))
Совсем Фиг Знаю))

Great choices! The Mascaron is interesting and a word I didn’t know. Thanks for sharing the memory tree.

o! happy to educate you in this little bit. well, its not an everyday active vocabulary, but now its in your complete passive posession. thanks for kind words, and cheers! @readheadpei