my journey to the Alphabet Land (day O)

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My next post for the Alphabet Hunt challenge by @barbara-orenya. This time we had to find words starting with letter "O". Pretty easy task, there exist a thousand of good things started from this letter, but I came unprepared and didnt have time to choose what I want to share, and shape a proper post in time. So, I am sending my stuff off the contest, just for the love of the game. Most of decisions were the last-minute, I just looked around and noticed what I can pick up!

O — Olga / Olya


Olya, Olga is a beautiful ancient Russian name of Byzantium origin. My family has a lot of great friends having this name, our Godmother's name is Olga, too! (Oh, and by the way she took part in many Alphabet Hunt rounds in different nominations, as well!). So, its always a pleasure to find some greetings and appreciation for this name. This graffiti I found at the streets of St.Petersburg.

O — Onyx


For this one, I got a hint from @melinda010100 (thanks, Mel! as you see, I used it) -- I took some pictures of my ebook reader. The brand name is Onyx Book, the model name is *Darwin. The Darwin-4 model we happily lived with, for the last 4 years, but all good things inevitably come to the end. We exhausted its charging part, and the screen (the main part of this gadget) became 1/2 unfunctional, so its no use to do any fixing, just no go. For my baby's forthcoming birthday I obtained the newest model, Onyx Darwin 7 -- same beautiful leather case but a new processor and more velocity.


This is not an ad, but if you're considering getting an ebook reader, this is a very good one; ideal proportions, cool design and very reasonable price (about 150$).


O — Oil


Olive oil, fish oil, sunflower oil, linseed oil. Aroma oil... we have a lot of oils in our hOusehold -- was not hard to make a few pics of this stuff!


The fish oil is left from the times our little baby was growing, we used to add it to her diet, but she wasnt too happy with it, hehe

And the linseed oil (besides it is very healthy stuff, when its fresh!) is a delicasy flavoring for our bakery. If you are not in the know, do check! Sometimes it is being referred to as a 'Russian oil', but I believe it is well-known on a wide scale, not exclusively in Russian cuisine!

The seller of a freshly-pressed linseed oil at the Fair. You can see the actual devices used for the oil-extracting process.

O — Omelet


Разрешите поделиться с вами вкусным омлетом. Одно из моих любимых блюд: легко приготовить, легко варьировать ингредиенты и вкус, и никогда не надоедает! (Особенно я люблю готовить его в августе, когда прибывают сезонные помидоры). Но лучший омлет в моей жизни случился в 2012 году; мы отдыхали на курорте Мармарис, и турецкие повара творили с яйцами настоящую магию!!!
Let me share with you a delicious **O**melet! One of my favorite dishes because it's easy to prepare, easy to vary ingredients and customize flavor, and it never gets boring! (I especially love making omelets in August, when juicy seasonal tomatoes and eggplants arrive to a stores.) But I still remember the best omelet in my life happened 8 years ago, during our summer vacays trip to Marmaris resourt, Turkey. Turkish chefs did some real magic with eggs !!!



O — Oak


Theres an Old Oak at the edge of our place, and every year he sends out missionaries around the area whose job is to spread life... But since its our garden all around, I have to dig up these little 1-2 y.o. oak sprouts and look for a new suitable place for them Outside of our site. I was going to create a post about that for #AmazingNature, but did not have time ... but I prepared the photos - and they did not go to waste!

O — Owl


We have collected a decent collection of Owls thru years, maybe I will show it to you one day. Here are just a few copies for you.


All the images taken by me, as always. I considered this round other words that came to my mind, which finally lost their position to more successful rivals:

ornate / orchard / orchidea / oriental / office

Those are all good things... but nobody can fit an unfittable, right?
Как говорил мой старый наставник-редактор: "Нельзя впихнуть невпихуемое!

Here is an index to my previous posts for this great challenge.


Hope you enjoyed travelling with me. Come back next week, and join the fun!



I think this is the perfect time to take a break from the alphabet hunt for everyone..😉 Look at your very first photo again, the one with the title, and tell me that you are not tired and need a rest...🤭
And also you will have the time to make it slowly to the P on the 27 th august, I will be happy to see your original selections !

I already changed N to O
nobody noticed except you :P

actually, I am not tired from the challenge at all!.. but maybe tired of Hive a bit, indeed. the thing is, the last week I returned from the village to the city, and have a huge list of shopping, to-dos, and all sort of other duties, and put my Hive activity on the pause. well, you may have noticed.

ps. I am applying for a retoucher job, if the things will go positive, I will have a full time job and become extremely busy. I very much hope so. cross the fingers for me, Barbara!

Haha, Omelet - I haven't seen anybody using this delicious word this week 😀

It seems I have missed your successful hunt, @qwerrie, I have found it by accident a minute ago, but this was a good kind of accident 😁

Cheers and !BEER

heya! i hope you had a promised pleasures with it. i didn see any 0-posts at all, yet, except of Barbara's. my Hive activity / engagement recently were pretty much reduced. I just returned from my trip to do various things including shopping, lending books from library and fixing the camera. service-man fixed the problem but i didnt use camera yet (was borrowing only body with me). I'd be happy to drink !BEER together with you, to celebrate it back to life.

were there exceptional and intresting O-posts I should not miss?

Your camera is alive again? That are great news 😄👍

In the next few weeks I will not be much on the Hive either, but I will try to keep up with the comments...

Well, there were some cool O posts, including mine, of course 😉

Have a great Sunday @qwerrie 🌞

Cheers and !BEER

I have to check them. and will start from yours!

today was testing 5D like 3 hours. harvested tonns of mushroom pics :P
the problem actually was very small, but sufficient, and a well-known for this model, if you're curious. (the glue that fixed the mirror part, dried-off with time, the master just glued the mirror back, and - done in 15 minutes). the difference between 350D and 5D is so huge that I literally feel an extazy :P

Good morning my friend,

I believe you are still sleeping when I write this, but I'm up already - can't sleep ;)

Well, that was an easy fix and I am happy for you that your camera is working again. Luckily, his problem can't happen to my Canon - the EOS R is mirrorless 😂

I wish you a great day @qwerrie 🤗

Cheers and !BEER

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Thanks a lot for the 🍺 @qwerrie 😁

Hey @qwerrie, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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I've actually worked as a saute cook. The omlete station is an easy job. Yet it does require finesse. Eggs are easy but they burn quickly. Congrats on accomplishing all the challenges up to now. Nice work.

thnky! respect to you, saute cook - sounds impressive to me.

All wonderful choices. You have a great collection of oils. I remember storekeepers would apply linseed oil to their wood floor. I think it Helped preserve the wood and discouraged insects.

storekeepers would apply linseed oil to their wood floor.

Linseed oil is known to be awesome protective coating (especially with addition of a wax), that gives to the wood high moisture protection properties and increases its durability. The linseed oil treatment adds a silky shine to the wooden surface and enhances the natural beauty of the wood. This oil is great for renewing old wood things. It masks small cracks, scuffs and other minor defects. It has only two significant drawbacks - a long drying period ... and the impregnation needs to be renewed periodically.

hope you enjoyed this little excursion :P
and TNKS for stopping by! see you later, at P-s!

Most welcome @qwerrie and thanks for the little excursion into linseed oil.

Oh what a lovely O post @qwerrie, I love those Owl purses, really beautiful! I've never used Linseed Oil in cooking or baking,only used the seeds, you’re very fortunate to have good quality cold pressed linseed oil easily available! My almost 89 year old mom swears by linseed as an anti-inflammatory, she grinds the seeds and adds it to her cereal or porridge.