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My post goes for nice @psos challenge Hive Music A to Z. The rules are simple: use #a-zmusic hashtag and each day tell about 2 bands (and pick up two songs as illustration). I love music since my primary school as I remember, so I definitely can tell you a few names.

Today we go for S? Good. Fasten your seat belts!

the Scatalities

when: 60-es
where: Jamaica
genre: ska
key track: Ball of Fire

One of the most amazing things that we inherited from the 60-es. And the best input Jamaica made into the world music: ska! Those guys who wrote those melodies back in the time, who invented those basic riffs, were a pure genies of the music. Nothing even distantly close to it, is being made today. This is a essence of joy and fun leizure life, under the sun and blue sky, near the sea.

[ source ] you may check the link for their Top-10 tracks (the list quite differs from my own, tho).


when: 90-2000-es
where: Russia
genre: pop-rock
key track: English-Russian Dictionary (Англо-русский словарь)

This Russian band was considered to be one of the best and most promising bands within the new wave of Russian rock -- and notable to mention, it was even signed by the major label, SONY. Of course nothing can last forever, and now they produce music that I personally find unoriginal; and, of course, they still can rock big stadiums, playing live. Their album 'Reversive chronicle of events' I consider to be one of the great albums in the history of Russian rock... and probably their 'swan song'. The song I suggest you to acquaint with, is a funny copying of the brit-pop genre, one of their first songs, it still has the primal energy ... it does not faded over time. Hope you like it. And probably you will get the 'english' part of the lyrics. It is funny!


These are some CDs from my collection -- the artists and LPs I decided to keep, when a few boxes went to a dustbin in 2012.


Next time!

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music is good for any time
happy week friend

same to you! have a good week and a great walks around!

ps. today, on 1 June, we are officially allowed to walk out without masks and gloved :P I want to celebrate it with a little drinking party in the park in the evening.

hello be careful it is very serious
us leaving now with great caution

Well... There are a lot of choices in S and you choose 2 that I didn't knew lol
Thanks! :)

o! that is a pleasure for me to hear, hehe