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I provide this for Learn & Earn challenge, initiated on Steemit blockchain by @matkodurko and successfully run in 2019 by @brittandjosie. Now it is powered by @jizzyjoe. Round 7 this week. Join the fun!

Well, this week my learning curve slightly droppedlowered, but it wasnt a flatline, happily!

1. Hive vs Shutterstock

My friend @borjan is a great hivean, nature and cat lover, photographer and visual artist from Serbia. In his 'sublime sunday' post he educated me about earning money at the Shutterstock. Well, I already knew about this place, but he shared a view from inside, as a contributor. I was considering during the last years to earn money via the photostocks, too, and he already tried this. (And I should note, he is far more strong artist then me!) The result? For two years, hundreds of intresting ornaments and visual elements have brought him just 14 dollars (its like 2-3 big pizzas where I live). Sounds ridiculous. Some silly staged photography (office stationary shots) proved to be in more demand and brought in like 47 dollars (again, for two years). No go! As he wisely put in, collecting wasted plastic bottles around the town for money looks like better business.


photo (c) @qwerrie

2. fly agarics - useful medicinal mushroom

photo (c) @bambuka

My friend @bambuka shared a nice post in FungiLovers community about this beautiful and dangerous mushroom, which is a unique natural combination of toxine and antidote in the same container. Well, I already know about that before, but in theory. And he shares his own experience -- on a personal and quite detailed level.

What will happen, if you consume 10 mushrooms? Some articles that I have read, state that 5-6 mushrooms is a lethal dose. @Bambuka says, everything is more complicated and is strictly individual for a certain person. You may eat about 10 fly agarics at once, and will not die (probably your vision will become like this on the picture above). You will definitely not die, but will perform extremely good cleaning of your esophagus and intestines. The maximum dose he have consumed personally, is 2 caps -- and this dose didnt lead to any changes of his mind... and he's still alive and doing well, and making new posts at Hive. I will try his recipe for making a medicinal extract out of red fly agarics next summer.


Fly agarics farm. Photo (c) @qwerrie

photo (c) @qwerrie

3. new #FeatheredFriends contest

Just a few days I've found out, that #FeatheredFriends community - a great community of nature lovers and bird watchers - established a new contest, named 'Show Me A Photo' (obviously, of a bird). Nice! Hive is a great place, its not standing quietly at the spot, there is something new always happening here. I managed to take part right from the round one, and my post earned 30+ Hive. First week's prompt was 'white bird', and coincidentally I just shoot a white dove and a few white penguins at the local park. Super!

PS. Count this as an ad... or raising awareness, that is up to you. The next week prompt is: Bird on a Wire! Join, and have fun!

4. bread? DIY!

Do you love little accurate fragrant fresh crispy 'Bagels'? I am sure you do! From this post by @akipponn I learned two things at once: saved down to my memories a home bagels recipe, and learned about the new community here, on HIVE -- 'BreadBakers'. Nice! I pressed the button 'subscribe' momentarily: maybe it is not the case when I will contribute on a regular basis, rather will be a silent reader.

Photo (c) @qwerrie

5. "gas fees"

I should confess - I am... not totally zero in all the things crypto, but I dont know so much about them, there is so much to learn about it (so, its pretty much easy to surprise and amuse me with me something I didnt know yet). I've educated myself just now reading extremely nice post from @blind-spot about ... about etherium, its current bull run, and some perspectives. To put it briefly, now I aware of terminology, what the "gas fees" / "gas price" is (the price paid for transactions on the blockchain, the price of producing and recording new blocks), and why HIVE is scalable and business-friendly and better then Ethereum (in the perspective). I recommend you reading this article, and educate yourself in this question, if you share my level of crypto-ignorance. Please do, it contains a basic theoretical knowledge, described very simply, and in practical key - really worth it!

Now that was all. Thanx for visiting my blog, I hope you learned something intresting with me!


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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@trincowski, will you join this challenge again? you was a star and a champion in its previous reincarnation... as far as I remember!

Maybe... I haven't been very active here, lately. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thanks for discovering the post! Big ups to your manual curation!

its thanx to #OCD curation, that I discovered and enjoyed it :)

Thanks for sending in your entry, you had a good curve of learning this week. You forgot to invite a friend to share

You forgot to invite a friend to share

I didnt forget it. actually, I am out of friends suitable for this mission, thats it. as simple as that.
NB. if you look 3 comments above this, you may see I also alerted #trincowski who used to take part in this challenge before.

So sorry I missed that, happy for the clarification. !wine for the stress

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