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There would be very difficult to find someone, who does not like Biryani as a main course in this side of the world! I might be exaggerating about this fact but yep, this is a fact among foodies nowadays. Biryani= LOVE. Although, it does depends on the taste buds of different people but what I have seen hydrabadi Biryani has a different level of hype among foodies. Yeah, coincidentally there are different types of Biryani available, beaf, chicken, hydrebadi, dam and plenty others, my personal favorite is the Hyderabadi Biryani. Let me not wait much longer and dive into the food zone for the day!

Since we were little late for the lunch they replied they only had Chicken and beef biryani. I was kind of expecting H.Biryani tbh. But yeah then ended up with Chicken Biryani. One thing I must say, after watching so many Youtube videos of different places/countries making Biryani's I have a keen wish to visit Pakistan for this particular dish. Hopefully someday will make it happen!


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I personally like the way this typical serve of biryani in a karai, it does kind of gives the vibes of food being served directly from where it was cooked. Although it is just a presentation done in the kitchen to give it just a signature look of Biryani.

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I was really hungry! Yep, I skipped my breakfast that day and it felt like something running in my stomach lol. I had this lunch with a brother of mine and he simply ordered the Pasta. I am not sure but he is a die hard fan of pasta. I have seen him almost tried most of the restaurants pasta which I went with him. That crave for a food or a snack is hard to resist lol. I wanted to try out the pasta but I was busy filling my stomach with my BIRYANI ;)

While a small glimpse of the front menu. Nothing to get from out here. If it was just about a normal snack I would have gone with chowmin or a Burger. But like I said, when I am hungry, it seems like I am on a different world jk.

But one thing I like about the restaurant was it's interior. It was very simple and yet it was pleasant to be there. As you can see the oil painting wallpaper looked quite stunning. I asked the waiter about it and he replied the owner custom made it. Not sure how much of it is truth but yeah, I have to say it was pretty nice taste of the owner in terms of designing. While I can not remember the total bill but it was probably around 8-10 Bucks with some additional drinks on the table! I have to say the taste was quite decent of the food and my bro also rated the pasta in a quite decent way. So money spent well I should say.

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While this was just another day, which I have been busy lately. Nothing extraordinary but it is effective at the day. Now these are strictly for the purpose of business. These short trips once in a while to restaurants. As like I said in the past, I try to avoid restaurants these days for CORONA purpose as much as possible. I wish I could do this small tours of restaurants often and that even without having any sort of fear of attracting corona.

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this one does look fantastic honestly!

Biryani is still somewhat new for me as I had my first like 5 years ago but appreciating it more and more by the day. such good stuff!

It is indeed hard to resist kind of DISH 😋
Honestly, found another person who prefers Biryani once again! Waaala!!