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I want to live a fancy life! Upon asked, how do you want to live your life? The above answer is mostly expected from many in today's world. Well, we can not blame them as this is how we have been seeing the world growing and expecting a fancy life is the least that we can expect from the way we are living our life.

How much Richness is enough?

This is technically a very difficult question to ask. From what I see, if this question was asked to me when I was at my teen age, my probable answer would have been "I need so much that it would not end ever"! Little childish but yet presumptuous! The path of life changes a men virtue. Not only men but also a women going through different changes along the path of their life, makes them no less than a warrior. Their ideology changes, their world changes and so does their POV as well.


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When I was doing my job and I have slowly started to see the real meaning of life, at that moment if this particular question was asked, my answer would have been "Let me calculate my savings, expenses, future expenses, future hodlings and see how much I need." Reality Sucks big timeeee...

After passing some hard time in my life, if at this right moment, I am asked how much is enough for me? I will probably say, as much as I am earning and just that which will help me sustain a poverty free life and being as minimalist as possible. Now, do not get me wrong, being ambitious is definitely something which I do like to work upon, at every stage of my life. But just the fact of glorious/fancy life, that part has somehow faded in the path of the life. Probably because I have seen too much of reality, which I was not suppose to see. But the fact is, all of these made me a person who I am and looking back at my life, I can say with certainty this is a much better version of me, than I was in the past.

All these gorgeous life/moments does not seem to attract me much nowadays! Probably because I am getting picky or getting older has its own bad experience, I don't know lol. Nowadays, my monthly costs is as low as possible compared to myself of 5 years back. I hardly have any expenses regarding myself. I have a laptop and a phone and my internet connection. Not that I am not giving priority to my family but in regard of expenses I may as well consider that a minimalist life. The paradox of life is difficult to understand. You never know what will turn out at which moment in your life. What affect it would do to your life during those moments.

Which sort of life do you prefer and why?

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I like minimalism, less stuff. Only keep stuff that is useful and meaningful for you. This approach seems better for me, because it leaves more time and clear my mind. Also could do more and experience life. I am slowly moving in that direction.

What I have seen over the time,in some aspects the more we have the more we tend to worry about! But at the end of the day we just need a bed to stay comfy and have a good night sleep.

I like the minimalist way of living, but it is different when you have a family... I think that I have done it reverse of you... When I was in University, I have lived with impossible low amount of money... lol... I still can't believe how could I sustain myself back then...

Now, as a parent and with family, I suppose that it's similar... You give everything that you can for your child(ren)... And, I'm fine with that...

Nice post... Thanks for sharing... ;)

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Family comes first at all times! All our past experience helps us to overcome all the obstacles and we move forward with our loved ones around us. I am not yet married but responsibility sure gets bigger when you get to that part.

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