Jumping spiders.

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Hello all...
I hope you are always happy wherever you are. On this occasion I will share some pictures about the jumping spider. I hope you like it.

This is the umpteenth time I have taken small spider shots using a smartphone camera and added a macro lens. I found this spider standing on weeds.


Camera smartphone xiomi redmi note 6 pro + macro lens

That's all I can share on this occasion. I hope you can enjoy the beauty of this little creature.

Thank you for visiting and giving support to my blog.

From me @rizasukma


Wonderful pictures...Actually it is a bit hard to take picture ofthis tiny spiders....

Have a nice day my friend...

Yes sometimes I have a little difficulty in the process of taking pictures. Because this little spider keeps moving and jumping. Thank you for your visit, my friend.

@rizasukma hai droekeuh sepupu si Fahmi Sentosa njouh? saboh lorong ngon si Pandi?

Nyoe bang. Dron pat tinggai?

@rizasukma hai lon yang seureng nginap bak Fahmi dan Pandi, hana tingat keuh? ngon si T. Rizal Efonda. lon alumni SMA Beureunuen tamat 02

Oiya... Man pat dron lawetnyoe.

Jinoe tinggai di Lhokseumawe. Kamoe biasa tiep supot duek ngon Abduh, Levicore

Mantap... Neujok salem lon siat ke urengnyan.