Increasing Immunity in Pandemic Times by Fasting

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The COVID19 pandemic is still not over. We also still haven't got a vaccine as a way to deal with the disease caused by this Corona Virus infection. We are encouraged to do a health protocol.

We must follow the government's recommendation to always use masks, wash hands with soap in running water for at least 20 seconds, maintain distance, avoid crowds, and live healthy behaviors. In addition, we also have to increase our immunity.

Immunity is the key to the body's success against viruses and other germs. When we talk about immunity, of course we cannot escape from the duties of white blood cells in our bodies.

The role of white blood cells (leukocytes) as guardians of disease is very important. With healthy white blood cells, it will certainly be able to ward off various types of diseases that will invade the body.

The immune system is largely determined by the presence of white blood cells. White blood cells are cells that keep the body from attacking various diseases.

Lack of white blood cells will certainly make the body weak and susceptible to disease. However, excessive production of white blood cells can also be a sign of disease.

In a pandemic like now, it is absolutely necessary to have good immunity. With good immunity, the body will have the ability to repel, prevent and treat cell damage in the body due to the spread of germs from viruses, bacteria and others.

For a Muslim there is guidance given by the Prophet Muhammad in maintaining health. One of the guidelines of the Prophet Muhammad that we can follow is fasting. Fasting is not only a harvest for worship routines, but there is a great wisdom behind this practice.

Fasting 3 days

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never did any research on the relationship between fasting and health. He only set an example by fasting. It was only after the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died that many people began researching the benefits of fasting.

The experts realize that what the Prophet Muhammad SAW did was right and should have been done by his followers in an effort to revive the sunnah and maintain health.

From the various literacies that exist, we can know that the body will be healthy if the cells work properly and are not burdened. One of the factors that burden the health and immune system of the body is and the burden of old, damaged and dead cells.

The cells that overload the immune system must be dealt with immediately. It takes cleaning of dead cells for the immune system to be effective. Damaged cells must also be replaced by new, fresher and healthier cells. That is why we must always remember to regenerate cells so as to ensure the continuity of the body's immunity.

From some information reported by various media there are findings published in early June 2014 in The Telegraph about the benefits of fasting related to this immune system.

Fasting that is recommended to be more effective is fasting three days in a row every month. With the composition of fasting and not fasting 16: 8. This means that in a day we fast for 16 hours and 8 hours for mealtime.

It turns out that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has given us an example to fast for three consecutive days each month, namely fasting in the middle of the month.

This fast is known as ayyaumul bidh which is done every 13, 14 and 15 in the Hijiriyah calendar. And for the month of Rabiul-Awal this falls on October 30 - November 1, 2020.

So, if this opportunity is still not fulfilling we can do it in the month of Rabi'ul_Akhir on November 28-30, 2020, and one month later ayyamul bidh in Jumadil-Ula will fall on December 29-30, 2020.

If you want to observe the sunnah of the apostle of the three days of fasting, then make this a reminder? ...

During fasting, a detoxification process occurs. The toxins in the body are removed. When the metabolic system is rested, the body will burn calories from the body and also fat.

When calorie burning occurs we are also cleaning up dead and damaged cells. The body will also be able to get rid of parts of the system that may be damaged or old, the parts that are inefficient when fasting. This can produce a new immune system.

Fasting gives command to the stem cells to continue producing white blood cells and builds up the overall regeneration of the immune system.

In fact, this fast will produce white blood cells that are "young and hungry" so that they will be aggressive against invading external germs such as viruses and bacteria.

Fasting is useful for boosting immunity because when fasting the lymphocyte level in the body increases up to 10 times. This makes your immune system increase, so you don't get sick easily. Thus the immune system will be very active in maintaining body health, including protecting the body from the Corona virus attack during this pandemic.

Thus my writing this time, hopefully this is useful.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


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