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Hello lovely friends!
Many children have difficulty learning math. lots of material that may not be well understood. Sometimes many children can understand calculating additionally but have difficulty working on subtraction problems. Children will find it easy to calculate the sum because they are counting forward from the smallest to the largest number. However, it will be difficult when asked to calculate a subtraction.


Today I will explain how to teach mathematics on the subject of subtraction.
Usually children are taught to do subtraction by counting down.

12 - 9

Children who are taught to count down will count from 12. Then he start to fold their finger and count 11, 10 and stop at 9. After stopping, they can see the answer by seeing the number of fingers used.
If they count down correctly they will get the correct answer which is 3.
In such a countdown will be very prone to miscalculation.
Counting down requires more concentration so that it will make children more likely to make counting errors.
To make it easier for low-grade students to use props. We need to prepare 12 sticks or small bamboo sticks and then take 3. The rest is counted so that the answer is found. However, if this is done continuously, it will certainly create dependence which results in the child being unable to escape from the counting props.,

Keep counting forward

Given the vulnerability of counting down to subtraction, it is necessary to change the counting method for children to make it easier for them to count.

13 - 7
First put your fingers in your fist like someone is about to punch and then count.
Then open your fingers one by one along with starting at seven and stopping at 13.
Now see how many fingers are open as the answer.
Then we get 6

This step of counting forward will be easier for children to do because they are used to counting forward.

Thus all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post.I hope you enjoy it.


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