Rocket Fuel Coffee Morning Ramble - What to do?

in OCD29 days ago

Hail to the Hive!


Well what to do what to do? The destruction continues and it feels so weird seeing the place so obliterated. The restaurant next door isn't too happy about us knocking the wall down and exposing their store room. But they were given a few months notice that we would be demolishing to comply with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources coastal easement ruling. They really should be doing it as well but seem to be ignoring it. It's a real mess.


I'm just hiding out in the reception area this morning with my coffee and staying out of the way. It's the best way. I was tempted to have another cheesecake and coffee treat but that could get dangerous if I do that too often. It is very tempting though but just coffee this morning I'll be a good boy.


With only the one diver today (our regular diver shark repellent Rick) there's not a lot to do really. He's in the water already, the demolition crew are getting on with the demolition and I'm feeling a little lost. The sooner the end of March gets here the better as this is just torturous limbo. We do need the time to clear our belongings and prepare for the move though. The clock is ticking,

More coffee me thinks. I need the caffeine to boost me and motivate me this morning and drag me out of this downer.

Stay safe out there people, wherever you may be on this planet of ours




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