Why Should People Choose Hive?

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Hello Hivers!


yesterday the topic came up of why the Hive isn't more popular right now and why previously Steem failed to really take off and what could be done to make it better and to get more people on board.

If we take a look at other social media platforms and ask why they are popular we may find some of the answer.

Lets Take a Look


FaecesBook ( Facebook )

well i guess most of us do or have used faecesbook at some point and as banal as it is there's no getting away from the fact that it's one of the easiest/laziest communication tools out there. I basically use it to keep in touch with friends and family in Jamaica, US, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Zanzibar etc. You get the idea. It's efficient and effective largely due to the fact of its ease of sign up and mass appeal. Maybe Hive could look into a way to have some sort of message and friend system. I'd certainly find it useful and I don't think it would detract from the overall creative focus of the platform. They want us to engage, make it easier to engage.

Simply Millions of Users



I hear alot of people complain about twitter but I personally really like it. For me, it's a different thing alltogether than faecesbook in that you choose who or what to follow to be kept informed. If there's an earthquake here in the Philippines i can find out immediately when, where, how deep , how powerful and not have to listen to other peoples local gossipy drama. If I want to know what Groovy Bruce Campbell of evil dead fame is up to I can. My choice of who i follow and what info i like to receive. Also for news its real time on the ground in many instances. So it's useful and a lot of us are using it as the main tool to get the #hive word out there.

I love a bit of I love Me



I hate this pointless narcissistic place. Unlike twitter ( which can be used in a similar way) its just a bunch of I love me arsebiscuits. Just my opinion.

Random Pic of My Lovely Bike



Now this place is like the Colloseum in ancient Rome. If you walk into this arena ill prepared and equipped you'll be ripped to shreds. But if you want some info on how to do something, hydroponics, rebuild a motorcycle, there will be someone on there who can furnish you with or point you in the direction of exactly what you need.

#3speak a reason to celebrate!



now this platform almost had it all but lost its way. Censorship and over commercialisation combined with fucking over content creators by moving the monetisation goalposts they've just pissed a lot of folks off. Luckily @theycallmedan and his #3speak initiative have immediately provided an outlet for me to use and it's already linked to the #hive. Awesome and they continue to improve.

There are many more such as Pinterest ( pointless rest) and Tumblr ( just why? ) but I think we've covered what we need to. If we examine what they all have to offer and compare them with our Hive Community I think all we need at this current time is maybe easier sign ups and better communication tools. With us being able to use other application tools such as Peakd and Esteem we already have different layouts and features. I personally love using Peakd.

I have encouraged now 5 new people into the hive who are settling in beautifully,and we all agree we'd love a form of friend and message system thats more intuitive. @biggypauls is producing some great stuff @iamyohann and @discoveringarni are naturals. These are people who now hardly use faecesbook or instatwat other than for communication.

I am still quite new to the platform really so if anyone knows if they have these available somewhere already let me know. I love the whole platform. I think @galenkp mentioned yesterday somewhere that he sort of thinks of it as Facebook with tips, which is a nice way of looking at it. #Hive is a more creative focused place than faecesbook and the reward system in the blockchain I think certainly keeps it that way. You do need to put a little effort in. It doesn't just happen.

The Dogs name is Layla, isn't she cute?

I think #hive has so many possibilities its growing and the communities are evolving. I will continue to encourage my global family to look more into this as in many ways it brings out a creative side that many don't try hard enough to nurture.

@iamyohann in the sky. He's a bit like a budget Airwolf...

I'd love to hear anyones thoughts on my waffling here. This is the product of too much #coffee in the morning.



Please give me your thoughts.

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Sometimes I think Hive will pop any day now... Other times I feel like we are doomed lol. Time will tell!

Good day. Thank you for the good publication. You touched on an interesting topic. Good luck to you.

Arsebiscuits haha..

Nice post. I've just quit facebook and will be doing the same with Instagram very soon too. They're good for getting some business in and that's about it.

Is the crf a 450? I've had both 250 and 450 in the past. Then moved to a drz400 for the road. Not ruining at the minute but hoping to get something soon.

Hi @g-race-c its a 250 with a few mods here and there. Perfect for here as you don't need too much power and the raods are a bit crap. Fun to ride