Sprinkle beauty like flowers in your life

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Good morning to all and sweet wishes to everyone in the sweet weather of the sweet sun of the morning. Due to the continuous rain for two days, it has become very cool and everything in nature seems to be in a new shape and a green sanctuary can be seen in nature.

It's really hard to find people in the world who don't love flowers.Honestly, the beauty of this flower is the reason why flowers are attracted to every human being, but from many perspectives, many types of flowers are dear to them, but I am a nature lover, I like all the flowers of nature.
I don't know why I like the flower on the balcony of my house or the flower in the pond in front of my house. I don't know why I like it because I find different beauty in each of them.20200522_20493401.jpegThe name of this flower is Water Lily. A feature of this flower is that these flowers grow in big ponds. There is not a big pond in front of my house but there is a medium size pond. There was this flower blooming there and i also capture and share you .20200520_16415601.jpegThese flowers are called grass flowers and because it rained for two days, these flowers are very fresh and will be very beautiful. However, I was really fascinated to see that it was on my balcony in the morning.20200520_16421501.jpegThe name of the flower that I am sharing now is Belly and due to two days of rain, the appearance of the flower has deteriorated a little, but its smell is still intact.
All the flowers I have seen in my garden for so long and I have tried to present the pictures to you in a very beautiful way and I have explained where and how the flowers are located anyway good luck and good morning everyone.


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Really beautiful flowers!

thanks for your compliment.