I had made shrimp fish recipe with brinjal

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Today I will share my recipe post on my hive community . Some days ago I had made this recipe . It was very easy recipe . This recipe is delicious when it is tasted . I cooked shrimp curry with brinjal. It is true that I can cook very well any types of curry. I had needed some elements for cooking .

Components are given below ...

I am sharing step by step...
Shrimp fish
Green pepper
Red chilli
Black cumin
Cinnamon wood etc.

At first I went to visit fish market . There I bought shrimp fish . After purchasing fish , I visited Vegetable market in Barasat . From there I bought some vegetables . Brinjal is one of them. Other elements had stored in my house. After buying fish and vegetables I returned my home.

I was preparing my recipe. First of all , I was cuting fish nicely. After cuting fish , I had sliced brinjals. Actually I had taken all elements like needed . You can take like needed . As you wise absolutely . I washed fish and brinjal with water slidely. I mix tumeric and salt with water on pan. When Water is hot , I leave shrimp fish on pan. Thus I fry fish . After a while I give brinjals in fish and fry .After roasting fish and brinjal , I admix some water like needed . Sometimes I boil curry . On the whole I take down the whole curry . After that I blend some materials with hot oil.Such as Onion ,
Garlic ,Ginger ,Cardamom, Cloves ,Black cumin ,Cinnamon wood . Finally I leave mingle hot oil on pan. I bloom full curry . In such way I made shrimp fish curry . After cooking we had eaten this recipe . Really It was excellent and delicious food. I hope that you can try it.





I captured all images by my phone camera .
Phone camera: Mi a1
Capture by @simaroy

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That looks amazing!

Thanks you so much .

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