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RE: Urbex Diaries Past - St. John's Asylum of Lincoln

in OCD9 months ago

At last, something that looks a little like my posts and a lunatic asylum too!

I have yet to do one as they are systematically getting demolished. Is this one still standing?

Quite jealous.. as I have yet to add a loony asylum to my roster. There's one in Manchester I may visit but it's a shell now.


This is true. Not many left. This one is still there but is being turned into housing as we speak. I think into flats. I reckon it will be a rel cash burner sorting them all out though!

There was one up the road from us, but it's been converted to flats now.

I just couldn't live in a flat that used to be an electro-shock therapy lunatic asylum... but I guess we need housing...

These are fairly expensive. Just weird to think about what went on there in years past. A local magazine did a detailed history of the old Three Counties Asylum. I remember when it was still operating as a mental hospital and knew people who worked there.