Unblocking the Blockage

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For months, and even longer than 'months' I have been keeping my Urban Exploration content off Facebook.

The main reasons are censorship and the fact that I have to give up the rights to my photography as images uploaded become the copyright of Facebook Inc.


More recently I have joined maybe eight or so Facebook Urbex groups simply because I am frustrated at the lack of activity or interest on STEEM or should I say HIVE now.

Within the space of a few days, I connected with a couple of YouTube blokes (GoonTubers I believe is the term @grindle?), to organise some kind of collaboration for safety reasons.

With @goblinknackers rebuking my latest call for exploring deepest Yorkshire again (as he was terrified I would give him COVID-19), I joined up with a ‘GoonTuber’ who is not 18, but in his forties and we got a whole lot done just before the lockdown started.

Said ‘GoonTuber’ is now going a little crazy for more as he is comparatively new to all this and we managed to get in a lot of places during our maiden collaboration.


But I am going off at a tangent somewhat as what I have more recently done is create a Facebook page complete with the maniac image, and am linking my HIVE posts in there, and then propagating the content to all these groups.

It’s unlikely to bring new people to HIVE (though there may be some crazy bastards who could be lured by the rewards and getting something other than NOTHING for their work), but it will spread the links to people who are passionate about this obsession of mine.

The other reason for creating my own page is that I can now use the 'Slobberchops' name instead of my own. On Twitter, it's quite easy to rename your friendly name for the reasons of privacy but not on Facebook.

Whether we like it or not, this social media platform is the dominant force and I do intend to make use of it, albeit with limited effort.


Could we cross-post our content to other platforms with more ease?

Would it be hard to implement cross-posting to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from the 'peaks'? That is peakd.com, as I don't really give a crap about 'the other platform' anymore.

It would be nice to have the option to semi-connect these centralised platforms by way of a button, so I could send my Urban Exploration posts to them more easily.

How about it @jarvie?

More 'peakd.com' links outside Hive means more attention is brought to Hive, our self-encapsulated world that few know about.

Is the lack of ease in which we can show our content elsewhere a blockage?


This post, I would not share outside of HIVE as it is far too integrated into specific ideas, but much of my other content is not.

...'can we unblock the blockage?'...

And before I go, let me talk about new people or the lack of. I had a look last night for anyone at all using the #introducemyself that was worthy of some attention and failed.

Besides some Irish dude who claimed he was new, and yet had an account from August 2019 as well as a sex change (looking at the avatar) in between, I found nothing.


...'there's few new people joining HIVE, we need to step things up'...

Even finding the #introducemyself area is hard work now if using peakd.com, so let me post it for you.


Finding anything promising in there is even more of a challenge than before we had a community split. It does not bode well at all.



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If you click the three dots after the Re-hive icon, you get a small menu, one of them is share.I don't have any of those accounts so I don't know how easy it is to use.
share link.png

Well... I never saw that before.. thanks! It will save some time on my Twitter posts for sure, but the Facebook one only lets me post as 'me' and not my page.

@asgarth, or one of the other small team at peakd, may be able to help with that, they are pretty busy, but for such a small crew they are also very responsive to request, so they will likely work on a fix, and adding the other ones you want eventually as time permits.

After sharing it to twitter does twitter allow sharing to facebook pages? A slight work around maybe?

I'm not sure posting as a page is available from Facebook? We can ask @asgarth he may be able to tell us.

I'll have to check myself ...

I checked out the new Hivers and found one or two possibles. Another looked dodgy. We need an influx of new users and exploiting other social sites is a valid strategy. As always it really needs some people with big followings elsewhere to move over, but they go where the audience is. I know some get their content blocked elsewhere and may be interested, but we don't just want extremists. We need musicians, artists, vloggers etc.

Another looked dodgy.

That one you mentioned to me earlier is within my screenshot. That's how often it changes now!

More out links will create more interest. I remember the first link I saw that had 'steemit' on it, 3 years ago. I didn't do anything at the time but the name registered in my head.

The engagement has become pretty low ... agreed

There's an extension that lets you share from any platform to any platform...
Perhaps this will help... cos I am not very techy...

Give it some time. It's lucky to have a brand new platform with users baked in. That being said, I agree we need more hooks into traditional social media. Imagine an SMT for rewarding Tweets like the way you can with Brave/BAT?

It bought it home to me while looking for something to give a decent vote too, '...these are all shit introductions...', It never used to be like that and I could generally find something.

If you look at my reply to @meesterboom's comment you will see the scale in just 30 minutes. 42 engagements as the content is directed to the correct mass of readers. Can we ever hope for that here?

I do get frustrated with the lack of audience and varience of people sometimes.

What about an HPS proposal used to fund promotion of peak posts on other platforms?

I haven't seen it but it sounds promising.

Thats the one downside of Hive and Steem is they are more niche with ALOT less users and thus less engagement. I do feel it is improving (slowly), but might still take a few years to be anywhere close to any centralised platforms.

And yes I dont post any images on FB now because I dont like the idea of them owning anything I post!

I don't think there are many avenues for offhive folk to sign up and join? I could be wrong. I don't think it's easy though.

I second the easy sharing of content, it is vital to push us forward

The peaks have guest accounts, but I'm more for pushing the content. I pushed my last post to those Urbex groups (all have thousands of members), and look at the stats.. and this is after just 30 minutes?


We can't dispute the reach this platform has, it's freaking enormous! If we all pushed out relevant content in a similar way it would generate more interest in the source of the posts, and thus more potential people wanting in.

That's amazing, is that on Facebook you see the stats? Or is it actually on peakd? One never seen it before. I wish that we would introduce proper analytics for page views etc

It's on Facebook and is similar to Twitter Analytics that I also love. We don't have this feature and we need it!

You only get these stats if you create your own page, and it's a promising start I say!

It is a promising start! We do need analytics, easy sign up and of course a beautiful but simple UI!

Yeah, I think the problem is that us crypto people are such a niche group at the moment. The group of crypto enthusiasts who are also urban exploration enthusiasts is even smaller, I would imagine.

That's why I end up sounding like a broken record sometimes, but we have to make hive more accessible to non nerds with simpler, free signups. It has to be brainless and enticing for non technical people.

Otherwise how can we ever expect to get a more diverse group of interesting folks with diverse hobbies and things to talk about on here.

I have been through the pains of onboarding just one person. He's still about but almost gave up a few times. If it's too complicated, they don't want to know.

read it with intrest!

i gave up on FB right at the moment when I got a hold of WeKu blockchain (was my 1st step to join the Steemit), so, maybe that will matter. give the folks another toy -- and quite probably... theres a chance they will like it better than the old one (read here: FB).

new authors in @introducemyself: sometimes the less is better. i mean its a good thing that we do not have thousands of newcomers from Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria and god knows where else - with their 1-pic smart- photography posts and google-translated texts and 'a brilliant click' copypasted comments... who are into it just for the money. that will be just dilution and spoiling of the pool. no?

i mean its a good thing that we do not have thousands of newcomers from Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria and god knows where else - with their 1-pic smart- photography posts and google-translated texts and 'a brilliant click' copypasted comments... who are into it just for the money. that will be just dilution and spoiling of the pool. no?

Well, that could be looked on as racist and some things are better left unsaid. If I find someone from this part of the world who can write, and can describe things then I am happy to send them some votes. It doesn't happen often but I have seen a few in the past.

are better left unsaid


WeKu is still an example behind my eyes, but I will not go on developing the idea.

Maybe once we get sorted and settled in here, we can look to do some marketing...

Very interesting. Side question, how do you change your name on Twitter? Now that I have my second account up and running, I can't seem to find a way to change that information. I hope you get the engagement that you are looking for.

I agree, the lack of anything new does not bode well.

There are several ways to sign up - https://signup.hive.io/

Although it's not simple.

Does Peakd have it's own sign up page, that would make sense!

It does and uses several methods depending on how revealing you want to be about yourself.