Just Random Sketching Practice...

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I have been painting, mostly landscapes and views, recently and I think it's a good thing. I really enjoy doing it and it's relaxing. Tonight, I opened several classes because it's now "safe" since the maintenance (which was said to affect our Internet connection) is over.

Now that I have to catch up with work, I wouldn't have a lot of time to paint. I'll try to find time though. However, I'll try to draw or insert my hobbies in between lessons. It's very important for me to recharge.

What I did tonight was sketch some abs male original character specifically practicing the upper body. Usually, I just draw the face of my characters because I suck at everything. Now, I want to challenge myself and draw more. Of course, I'd still read manga and watch anime! Also paint!!!


I originally just planned to draw a random face, but I decided to continue. LOL I read a lot of BL comics, so I'm inspired to draw some abs... I read for the "plot". jkjk~


How to abs???? LOL What am I doing with my life? hahaha It was fun though. I'll draw more in the future, but for now, I'll focus on my classes and continue reading the soccer manga I'm currently into. <3

Thanks for checking this post out! ^^


This is some really nice sketch work! However, this type of artwork belongs in the OnChainArt Community.

It will help create a better community trending page and it will give you more exposure to others with similar interests in your area of focus. We’re trying to help grow a diverse set of niche communities so readers and posters can get a better community experience.

You can read more about this in our recent announcement post.

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You are welcome to cross-post your posts from that community onto OCD with the peakd.com feature to get more visibility and engagement from the OCD subscribers.

Thank you for your attention to this ;)

OCD Incubation Team ~

OK.. got it! Is it possible for me to cross-post this to OnChainArt for now instead?

Thanks for your reply. Yes, you should be able to do so :)