Short Poetry #016-017: "NOT JUST YET" & "EMOTIONAL SCAR" + Some Random Thoughts. ;)

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It's poetry time!!!
I have been busy and a bit tired from work the past few days, so I couldn't really write or do something for my blog. However, there are instances when words just pop up on the top of my head, and so I have to write it.

Unlike the previous entries when I write 2 short poetry pieces at the same time, this time is different. I wrote number 16 a few days back... and the 17th one last night.

In every poem, there's a story behind... I wonder what story lies behind these pieces in this entry. :) Let's start!


Do you know the reason why I haven't fallen in love with someone else?
The answer's as simple as it is
I haven't gotten up from falling for you

It's very funny how I deny my feelings towards the guy I fell in love with six years ago. Multiple times, I have told myself and people around me that I have moved on... but why is it that everytime I see someone I probably get attracted to, I always end up thinking of him. lol It's crazy how a lot of things remind me of him even though years have passed. It's as if... time is standing still.

I have been quite glad the past weeks because I haven't really thought of him, and he hasn't contacted me either. Despite that, there's this worry inside me because I know how workaholic this person is... and I was right to feel worried!


He sent me this message a few nights ago. He's really crazy about his job, especially that he's about to be his own boss. Even though I worry, I can't help but admire his dedication and his hard work. He's too passionate about achieving his goals... it's contagious!

It doesn't hurt as much as years ago... but one thing is for sure, I'm glad to get to know him and continue being friends with him even if other things didn't really work out between us. :)

OK~~~ NEXT!!!


How amazing it would be
When shattered feelings heal
As easily as a physical wound
Howbeit, some wounds are too deep
They'll leave permanent scars

This all started as a thought. I have been reading several romantic BL comics for years now, and the thought of comparing physical wounds to emotional ones are often brought up. However, when I think about it... they're pretty much the same. Because depending on the wound, there'll be a scar which would remind you that once upon a time, you were hurt.

It's the same with shattered feelings... it's possible to forgive the person who has hurt you, but it's very difficult to forget. The emotional scar that was brought upon that hurt would remain.

I'm reading to much angst! haha I like it this way, though... it's really interesting to write something about love, pain, feelings, etc. It's somehow fulfilling and many would probably relate to it. Keep loving... it's an awesome feeling. cheret

Anyway, I want to keep track of my short poems so allow me to write the links at the end of each post.

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