Here's Why Everyone Can't be Successful..

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Everyone wants success in life but the sad truth is not everyone will find or achieve success but everyone could be successful. Yes! You heard that right. Not everyone will get to the peak of their lives; not everyone will be rich and wealthy; not everyone will have the life they wish for. The poor and the unsuccessful ones will always be among us.


But does this mean that some persons were born to suffer? Or born to be poor and unsuccessful? Or that nature just hates some and favours some? If you ask me, I'd say NO!.

Failure is not even a matter of fate. Okay.. let's just assume that, there is something called bad fate which I don't want to believe there is, truth is, the power to change fate is in us.

You see, there are always two things in life. We have success and we have failure; there is prosperity and there is poverty and so on. What we make out of life, what we become in life is entirely centered upon and is a function of "CHOICE" and choice alone.

The moment you are able to take control of your choosing capability, success that seems hard will become the easiest thing for you. There is power in choosing right!

The difference between the successful man and the unsuccessful man is this same issue of choice. The successful man can be characterized as one who always makes the right and rewarding choices in life. Whereas the later is one who chooses to tread on a path that is unfruitful and unrewarding.

This is the reason I opined in my opening sentences that "not everyone will be successful in life." Elucidating, the world is full of people who make the wrong choices all the time. We get to see many who prefer being immoral, loves to cause nuisance and enjoy keeping bad companies. There are many who deliberately avoid the processes that leads to success but prefer short-cuts. They fail to know that short-cuts can not yield a lasting and sustainable success.

We also see people who go to school but instead of being studious and hard-working, they choose to play truancy. Many decide not to discover themselves, their talents, potentials and gifts but prefer to live in other's shadow. Many have refused to subject themselves to learning and mentorship yet they desire success. How can that be?


On the other hand, we see those who choose to learn and be taught, those who choose to not run away in the face of challenges instead facing them squarely. Those who are always determined, focused, purposeful, creative and innovative. Those who pleasure in learning, studying, researching and making discoveries. Those who choose to surround themselves with friends that are not toxic.

This is a clear picture of choice. Success in life only comes to those who consciously and deliberately make the right choices. Man was created with that ability to make choices and decisions in life. We shouldn't use this to our own detriment by always choosing wrongly.

Learn to always choose rightly. Choose faith over fear, choose hardwork over laziness, choose good over bad, choose humility over pride and choose love over hate. No man has ever made the right choices and ended up a failure.

Make it a Choice to be Successful!!!

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Que buen post, muy buen pensamiento 👍

Too bad, I don't understand it

Hahahaha Now you can translate very easily, just right-click and translate in the browser. I do not know much English, I am using the google translator.
What a good post, very good thought 👍