No Corona Money For Me $0

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If I don't get it, I don't get it. It's fine.
I know only one of my friends got it, but anybody else. Maybe they are all lying 😂.
But anyway, corona money should go to the people in need... or business that really need help.

I don't know if this is true or not, but if it's true, they need to give that money back.

US hands Justin Sun a $2 million coronavirus relief grant


This guy spent $4-5 million just to have lunch with a old man. Why does he need money?

I think it will be easy to say "No" if they didn't get it?

However, when reached Wednesday, a spokesperson for Tron in the U.S. was more ambiguous, telling CoinDesk: “We are a private company and this being a financial matter, we are unable to comment. I am happy to share, however, that our first priority is to always follow laws/rules/regulations of the governing bodies wherein we build our worldwide community.”

But then who approved this? Small Business Administration? US government?
I don't know exactly how it works but I am just 😨 hopefully my tax money wasn't used for that 💰

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its easier for rich people to get the loan as they got all the contacts with the banks while normal businesses dont. meanwhile its almost impossible for small businesses to get that loan, while the loan is intended to be for small businesses...

programmers can easily work from home. he is just after free money. he is just being an asshole. also tron should not be considered a "small business"....

Tron is not small for sure 😖

You could call this a hostile takeover of your tax money 😂

OMG noooo lol