Chimpanzees in the wild VS Chimpanzees in a zoo.

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How's it going hive??

So let me share photos of two stories of my encounters with chimpanzees. In the wild VS in a zoo.

First off chimpanzees in Uganda - Kibale Forest

So after an amazing day out in the Bwindi impenetrable forest trekking for the mountain gorillas. We were up early the next day to start a 2 hour drive to Kibale Forest in search of chimpanzee families in the jungle.

Chimpanzee Trek in Kibale Forest Uganda.

The trek started off in a tea farm which lead into the forest.

We trekked for about 30 minutes.


until we could here some rustling in this huge tree.

We looked up to see some chimpanzees at the top of the tree eating the berry's.


There were some big birds also in the trees. Apparently sometimes while the chimps are eating the berry's, the birds get too close to them. Then they will swipe at them with the quickness and eat them aswell.

They were very high up in the tree so it was hard to see them clearly. But I took some photos with my camera zoom and I could then see them.


We watched them for about an hour but none of them came down to the ground.
So with a sore neck we left the tree to see if we could find another family close by.

We trekked for about another two hours but with no luck on finding more chimps.

But we did come across some fire ants.


Chimps at the Monarto zoo in Adelaide.

Now after visiting the chimps in the wild at
we got an up close and personal meeting with this chimpanzee family at the Monarto Zoo. Too personal if you ask me ha ha.

Once we arrived at the chimp enclosure we were greeted by three old chimps hanging out on one of the platforms. One of the old chimps was getting some sun with an old blanket around her. But the other chimp was always trying to steal her sun spot.

Inside the other enclosure this is where all the young chimps were resting while the little ones were playing.


Jumping from rope to rope ect. It was very fun to watch these chimps in action and close.

I went back out to get some photos of the older chimps and as I was taking their picture we made consistent eye contact.

Now one of the chimps started to piss, then slowly reached her hand down to her butt. Not breaking eye contact. I was like what is she doing??

Then I noticed the inevitable she started to poo in her own hand...

Now I have watched alot of chimp videos in the zoo on YouTube, and thought straight away oh shit is she going to throw this at me....

I braced to run backwards incase she was going to fire her feces at me like a pitcher at the super bowl. But to my surprise she slowly lifted her hand up in this tense situation.. then started to chow down on her own personal waste.

Holly shit this was disgusting to watch. But I was only here to merely observe a chimp up close and to see what they got up to during their day doing chimpanzee business. Man was I in for a surprise.

Renee was dry reaching and I started laughing. This was insane. I didn't see this anywhere on the zoo broshure.

Once it finished eating she licked her fingers one by one like she just finished off a succulent chinese meal. Another chimp came up to her and she put out her finger so the other chimp could smell it.

The chimp had a sniff then started going ooofff offff offff then started screaming. Which made all the other chimps outside start to scream aswell hahaha. Holy shit this was funny to watch.

We asked the zoo keeper if this was a normal thing that chimps did? And she replied that she had learnt it from the Dutch ladies. I was like who the zoo keepers?? She laughed again and said "no the Dutch lady chimps that they had brought over to live in this zoo."

Four Dutch chimps were moved from Holland and apparently where they grew up they didn't have much stimulation and there enclosure wasn't well maintained. Then some of the chimps that lived here watched them do it and started to copy them.

I guess monkey see, monkey do is a real thing. 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒

As we left the enclosure two chimps were having a romantic moment at the exit while a mum was taking a photo of her children with that going on in the back ground haha. As I walked past her she said omg this is hilarious 😂

None the less the chimpanzees were super entertaining and defiantly worth checking out if your local zoo has them.

So to answer the question of which is better to observe chimps in the wild VS chimps in a zoo?

With the chimps in the wild you will never be able to tell where they are going to be. So it's the luck of the draw on the day, just like any safari with wild animals.
But chimps in a zoo you are guaranteed to see them up close and you will be sure in for a treat 😊

What amazing animals the chimpanzees are. They are very human like.

Thanks for stopping by and happy travels!!


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