The uses of Bamboo..

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Hello dear steemians. Hope that you are wel. I am also wel. Today I have posted about uses of Bamboo in our life..


I have shared pictures of bamboo today on my blog. Bamboo is an extremely important plant. It is embedded in many parts of our lives. Bamboo is a plant beneficial to many of us. Especially in rural society, there is nobody who knows about the use of bamboo. Bamboo is associated with the life of people in the village. If we look a little we can see the use of bamboo in the village. People in the village use bamboo to make their houses.Also, many things used in their daily life are made of bamboo. Therefore, the importance of bamboo is immense. People in the village cannot move without the use of bamboo.


There is no village in Bangladesh where bamboo trees are not available. That is, all the villages of Bangladesh have bamboo trees. The people of the village personally cultivate bamboo for essential use. Basically, bamboo is cultivated along the village road and in various vacant areas of the village. There are many places in the village where crops cannot be cultivated. Bamboo trees are planted in such places. Some people also grow bamboo on the banks of the river. But even though bamboo is cultivated, the bamboo tree does not need any care. They grow up by their own rules.


The bamboo tree is bred mainly through its branches. A branch of a tree is cut off and a part of it is burned to the ground. Later that part of the stalk starts to get bigger and thicker. Also, many times a new tree is born from the root of a tree. However, this tree continues to grow rapidly. Bamboo trees are rapidly growing. They are very tall. Bamboo trees are very tall and straight. And together with many trees make a bamboo tree. Bamboo trees are never seen alone. There are many trees at one go.


Bamboo trees have many means of breeding. One hundred years after the bamboo tree, flowers are seen. And the flowers come out of these flowers. But these flowers are not easily visible. Because before we are one hundred years old we cut down the bamboo tree. Bamboo trees have many uses. Bamboo trees have many uses in our rural society. Various types of accessories are made by using bamboo. The people of the village make their homes with bamboo. That is why bamboo is called poor wood.


Bamboo trees have many uses. Different parts of bamboo are used for different types. Bamboo stalks and leaves are used as cliffs. Also bamboo trees are used to make houses. Bamboo is used for various activities in the daily life of the people of the village. They cannot move without the use of bamboo. For almost every purpose bamboo is used in some way or another. So we cannot deny the importance of bamboo.


Bamboo is a part of our heritage as well. Since ancient times, bamboo has been used for various purposes. At present, various furniture is being made with bamboo. Many beautiful things are being made of bamboo which are now used to enhance the beauty of the house. Besides the village, bamboo is also used in the city. They are a part of our heritage.

These pictures were taken with my brother's Redmi Note 7s..

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Thank you for the insights to the importance of bamboo. It truly is a facinating plant.

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