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RE: Bluffer's Guide to Steem - Knowing Your Keys & Account Security

in OCDlast year

If only somebody wrote such a guide when I first found this platform. now everything is so easy with keychain and steempeak. Keeping this bookmarked. If any beginner asks me anything over at discord Ill have this to give them to.


I know how you feel mate! It's been a learning curve all the time here at Steem but with all that's going on, it seems even more relevant to create these guides!

Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting, appreciate it 😁
Yes keychain and SteemPeak, you really have a winning combination there and with more front ends and games popping up, some of these keys are pretty much hidden from sight and aren't needed. Think the easier each front end's userface can be made, the better all round.

TBH I've read countless other guides. Halfway through I either lost interest or forgot whatever the author wrote in just the previous paragraph as they try to jam in everything at once. Yours is so simple to read yet so informative. It was a pleasure. Kudos to you..🙂

Thank you so much for the epic feedback! That's exactly what I go for with these guides, educational and a bit of entertainment so it doesn't feel like a chore reading it! Makes the effort worthwhile 😊