My Entery for "Let's Make a Collage-Round 37"

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Hi there Hive World,
Hope you all having good day.
I am sharing my Collage for #LETSMAKACOLLAGE contest by @shaka.
I added my own created stuff on the Given Photo by Contest holder.
For this time I added my own created GIF IMAGES to it, and here is my Final GIF IMAGE.

My Entry


Given Scene


I add three graphical element

  1. Kids swinging
  2. Kid playing badminton
  3. Kid riding horse

all three are my own, you can check the links of my post with images below.





Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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Looking so cute! My little girl love this.

Thanks, here is Special GIF for her :D

Very nice animation @shrazi
Cheers my friend

Thanks for appreciation

I like it, it's so cute.

Thank You

Thank you for this cheerful entry @shrazi. Great that you have used own gifs and images throughout!

Also, thanks for adding to the community bonus by setting the LMAC as beneficiary. That's much appreciated!

My pleasure

So delightful. I look at what you do here and wonder exactly how you do it :)

Love to read that you love it.
I am not professional but try my best :)

It works :)