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I was talking with my cousin the other day, and he was asking me questions about cryptocurrency. He wanted to understand how the whole investment game plays out and how he could monetize his interest.


Naturally, I told him about Hive and explained how I built my Hive "fortune" over the past few years. I explained to him how the value of my account is determined by the coin value but also highlighted the immense potential.

He seemed very interested in the idea and decided he'd create a binance account on the spot through my referral link. Binance have a super easy onboarding process for people in Nigeria through bank transfer.

Anyway, he was fascinated by the entire crypto game; whether it is trading to squeeze out daily profit or it is staking/locking up tokens, he was feeling the idea.

I told him that if he's interested in learning about investment opportunities, he should consider leofinance platform because that is where the party happens.

For most of the hangout, he seemed happy about learning the basics of crypto trading. We talked about the concept of demand and supply, and how those forces influence the coin.

I love it

I'm at this point in my life where I only want to be around people talking about progressive shit. I want to move ahead in life, and so, I would like to focus on only the things that matter to me.

This hangout with my cousin is pretty much how I want to be whenever I hangout with people. There's always time for small talk but it sure as hell won't be anything that doesn't add value to my life.

Despite all the bullshit and drama from peoe that will come my way, my desire is to surround myself with people that have the investor mindset and are hungry for growth.

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I'm sure we would have some good discussions together if we were to hangout haha.
Pretty much in the same mindset.

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Oh I'm looking forward to it

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I wish I have cousins like yours😂😂😂. But like you said , I also crave being around productive persons. Hive has satisfied that constant need.

Yup. Endless supply of those kind of people here.

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Ah nice! You're at an advanced stage with your family! I'm still at stage 1 - "the loony tune" - where I'm still the crazy fool who has some magic Internet money and am into some dark art, criminal underworld shit for buying Bitcoin 😁

Lmao. Some of my family actually see me like that. Sometimes they'll whisper into my ear and ask me what I do for a living like it is something illegal. I'm very open and break it down to the person. Most times, people try to give me their money to invest for FREE and don't care about the finer details. I usually turn them down

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I'm at this point in my life where I only want to be around people talking about progressive shit. I want to move ahead in life, and so, I would like to focus on only the things that matter to me. shades to my offline friends, but they will rather talk about football and other mundane things, when I try to go blockchain on most, they just zone out. Reason why I have more online friends

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My closest friends don't have the interest. They talk about other business shit though. I don't have time for casual conversations about politics and whatnot. It is very boring to me

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Your cousin is fortunate to have you around some of us learn about crypto on our own.

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I'm in the same boat with you man. I had to learn it the hard wat

Hi @belemo
This is an important point.
To be able to meet with people who have the courage to learn and move forward is the best thing, because it facilitates the process for them as well as for you. It is something that inspires. It makes you want to investigate new things. Teaching is a way to learn too.

I am glad to have found some people to chat with and engage with in this community too--I count you as one of those people that I met here that are supportive and open to both learning and sharing their knowledge. "Each one Teach one" that is how we all grow.

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Thanks bro. Iron sharpens iron after 😁🤘

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It is good that you have found a friend to accompany you in this madness, even though I tell my friends I am still the only one who is interested in this form of investment.

They'll fomo in at some point. They always do

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hi friend @belemo
I would like to have a cousin like that, it is important to choose the right people with whom we surround ourselves. I used to surround myself with people who only talked about parties, now I visually surround myself with people who talk about cryptocurrency and investments and I feel better

He's always excited about talking crypto with me. He saw how it changed my life and he wants to be a part of it

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Every time someone approaches you for advice about investing in cryptography and blockchain, you get excited, because at this point, as you say, you only want to be surrounded by people who are in the same order of ideas as you are. Greetings friend and thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

Glad I could share my experience. Always a pleasure

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