Unemployment and poverty after Covid-19.

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Hello friends!

Undoubtedly, we are facing an economic crisis of great proportions, the predictable scenario after the pandemic is not encouraging due to the number of people who lost, are losing and will lose their jobs as a consequence of the crisis caused by the pandemic.



The post-pandemic economic situation will surely raise unemployment levels, this panorama will bring with it a significant increase in the levels of poverty and hunger throughout the world, but the most worrying thing about this issue is that apparently nothing can be done to avoid it. .

Fight against poverty.

Given all this discouraging scenario and the pandemic is developing, the UN is debating the issue of poverty and its objective to eradicate this scourge on the planet, an objective that, according to what we see now, will be very difficult to achieve.

In an event called for last June 30, the president of the UN general assembly and a high-level commission intend to discuss issues related to the actions to be taken to combat poverty.

"We need to end poverty in all its forms, everywhere and better rebuild after the pandemic." Muhammad-Bande stressed.

The Nigerian diplomat warned on Twitter that as a consequence of the pandemic of 42 to 66 million children they could fall into extreme poverty, something that is really worrying and represents a real challenge for international organizations that fight against poverty in the world.


The pandemic has left millions of people without a job, according to ILO experts as early as March they predicted that 195 million jobs would be lost worldwide as a result of the pandemic, if these projections are true, the fight against poverty will would go uphill.

This unwanted scenario has begun to materialize, many companies closing temporarily, while others have declared a definitive closure of operations closing the door to thousands of workers, experts say it is the largest crisis since the end of the Second World War in 1945.



I recently read two news that corroborate our fears, first Microsoft's announcement to close all its physical stores permanently, it is about 84 physical stores around the world and although the company ensures that its employees will continue to serve their customers with technical aids, it is undoubtedly an example of what is happening and we will continue to see until normality returns.

The other point is that according to data, part of the people who make up the middle class in Chile could begin to belong to the poorest stratum of the population due to the blow that Covid-19 has meant for their small businesses, leading some to close, something which is repeated in many countries at this time.


If we carefully review all the data that is being generated in the midst of the pandemic, the near future is truly bleak for many families who have lost their permanent source of income and who are struggling between the pandemic and famine.

We cannot really know if the meeting called by the president of the UN general assembly will bear fruit, however, we can highlight the intention to seek solutions to an imminent reality that has already begun to hit the world population.

On the other hand, we see positively the alternative or permanent jobs that are being generated and allow many people to work from home and generate income to support their family.

Let me know your opinion please!

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This pandemic has hit people very badly all around the world.
Mournings for may people who have lost their loved ones.
Its not only about the money but think how it will effect their upcomig generations.
They might all just be a victim to poverty.
May they be blessed.
Prayers to all parts of the world.❤🖤

Hi @fucho80 yes what you are saying is very true. It is a bitter reality how economy is crumbling all around.
It is scary to see people losing jobs and and businesses closing everywhere.
A scary nightmare that I see unfolding all around.

You're absolutely right my friend, it's a sad reality that many families are going through, I include myself there, fortunately having my blogs is what helps me and I know many more people as well. It's a pretty complex situation, and on the other hand all that it entails, the increase of crime and violence respectively!

Unemployment and poverty These are two words that are synonymous as far as I am concerned, because unemployment is often linked to monetary poverty.

This pandemic has definitely increased poverty and unemployment, recovery will be very slow.