Scaling Hive, Why Quality Posts May Not Be Enough

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In the days of Steem, there was only one mantra -- write quality posts. Atleast that was what I was told too when I joined. Sadly, even now on Hive not much has really changed about the emphasis on writing quality posts.

There is nothing wrong with writing quality posts, absolutely nothing wrong. Quality posts bring more value to the Hive blockchain, no doubt. Nevertheless, Hive cannot scale, as I perceive it, if the emphasis remains on writing quality posts. It didn't really work on Steem, couldn't scale Steem. And I don't see it scaling Hive.

The thing about emphasizing quality posts is that we've automatically made what should be a social media platform to become a workshop or an oven that becomes too hot for people. We tend to see people writing and writing when prices are up and then vanish again when prices are down. We tend to see the curse of diminishing returns at work. People come with a fire and passion that quences even before it ignites.

Contrarily, I think that if Hive will ever stand a chance of scaling, onboarding the masses, then this place must go beyond writing quality posts. It has to also become a place where people can post selfies, memes, pets, videos, songs, madness, etc and legitimately earn as much as others without the fear of being down downvoted or dismissed as low efforts posts. Only originality matters, the rest is subjective.

In 2014, technology giant Cisco valued the Internet to be worth over $14T. That was six years ago and we can rightly say that the value of the Internet must have significantly risen today. The shocking thing about the Internet is that it is valuable not only because of the high quality information it contains, but because of the population of people using it.

Interestingly, majority of Internet users around the world do not come online to learn or read something new. The list of the most searched words on Google are a testament to these claims. So, we have more people coming to share their interesting moments or catching up with the trends.

Therefore, to reasonably scale Hive, we must not forget that we also need those posting all kinds of original stuffs on the Hive blockchain. In the end, the number of quality posts on the Hive blockchain will count less, far below the number of those actually using the Hive blockchain.


I still say it that quality is a relative thing.
Hive needs to have this addicting quality that Facebook and Twitter has.. No jokes

For hive to have maas adoption, laxity has to come in and some freedom even if we sat there is freedom on #hive. I can still say there are still some restrictions and this is where the problem lies.
I joined steemit 2017 and there was a time it was much easier, i brought in a lot of people, they were addicted as all the things they did got upvoted qnd. Money started pooling in. However when things got rough, everyone I knew ran including me.
All i am trying to say is hive needs to be a little more social than quality.

Downvotes is another problem..

I still say it that quality is a relative thing.
Hive needs to have this addicting quality that Facebook and Twitter has.. No jokes

This statement captures the whole idea and essence of this article. We need to have a paradigm shift, shift fast and shift now. Good to see you around.

PS: I buy Hive at good rates and credit accounts instantly. Cheers

PS: I buy Hive at good rates and credit accounts instantly.


is a difficult issue because every network has a north if we look at the fall of several networks to try to love people who jump from network to network, I imagine that is something that is about preventing the truth of everything is that the quality and utility are things that can not be measured just like that.

Yea quality is really subjective and we can at best treat it that way. Cheers!

Hello @gandhibaba

This post brings a deep wake-up call. It seems to me that it is a necessary topic to consider.

You are very right, people in general are used to instagram, Facebook, etc. That without apart from easy to operate allow almost everything.

In this case people come to the beehive to monetize, obviously, but to demand that they are publications of great length, use of different images, make deep approaches, etc, should not be the north if you want to call users.

More support, less negative votes, less abuse from people who through ignorance make a mistake. Because there are even offensive characters when someone makes a mistake. That doesn't attract, that scares.

I wish it were possible to resteem comments, I would've restemed yours instantly. You made too sense and said a lot in very few words. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad that you added flavour to this post. Cheers!

Really interesting post, @gandhibaba.

I think it is about a set of factors that it is up to each user to discover.

I guess you're right, your last statement. It's up to us.

Hi friend you share a very controversial topic, but I liked your point of view, despite being a person that I like academic topics, I am clear that hive and steemit are social networks therefore any type of content should be valued as long as it meets originality and no plagiarism.

Sometimes the situation also lies in the person who performs the healing to your publication, in the communities there must be rules that must be socialized, so I applaud the initiative of all those communities that strive to make their liniamientos known. In this social network interaction should be valued because it is a meeting point for people from different parts of the world, should not be published and expect to receive monetization without generating any interaction.

This is a very complex issue, and I congratulate you on reflecting your concerns that have led to the debate on this issue. See you later Good to read your article !

I'm delighted to read your thoughts on this subject, delighted that it aligns with mine. There is nothing much to be said. Cheers!

I'm going to go deeper into this issue, I think what keeps people away is the fact that they can monetize, because they see it as a responsibility or a commitment, people spend hours and hours investing time in a computer behind social networks like facebook and instagram just because they provide entertainment, when people exist publishing original and magnificent photographs on facebook and they don't perceive anything monetary from facebook to them, on the contrary I have seen post here on hive and on steemit where only one photograph is published that doesn't require much effort and is valued.

I think what keeps users away is the sense of responsibility, because when there is a possibility of receiving rewards for the generation of content, it stops being seen as fun and starts being seen as a job, from my perspective that is what I think keeps users away from hive and steem, Of course there are other factors, but in particular I have seen that simple and effortless content has been well valued in these two platforms, on the contrary I see less and less rewards associated with good quality post, post associated with science, education are not being well rewarded.

Surely, your post has provided another way of looking at the subject. You could have seen a few content like a picture earning good rewards but the question is whether it is allowed and encouraged. Can we use Hive the way we use other social media? I don’t so, think one will escape downvoting.

You're right that rewards could change the narrative, however. Yet, we can't take the rewards away but we can always build addiction into the game.

Nice to read your thoughts.