A Different Look At Failure

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Most people look at failure as this horrible thing. And they fringe, and scream, no I don't want to fail. Truth is that nobody wants to fail, but ask yourself how will you get good at something if you don't fail at it, at the beginning. In fact, contrary to what most people think, failure is very important. And especially when people are young, they should seek opportunities to gain some experience.

If you think about it. The creative dancer, the wonderful artist, the mind blowing musicians. They weren't born that way, they had to hone their skills in order to achieve their positions of admiration in life. And you master any skill by failing repeatedly at it, for the needed amount of time. So you can gain understanding of the different dynamics and parts of that skill. And how to put it all together.

Let me share with you, this quote that I love so much by Robert Green "Repeated failure will toughen your spirit and show you with absolute clarity how things must be done." Every bit of this quote radiates with reality, if you fail at something so many times, you'll noticed that your spirit gets toughened. It's like you develop a mental muscle or resistance towards the pain that comes from failing.

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And the other part of the quote which states that it will "show you with absolute clarity how things must be done". That's simply a fact. After you've probably failed so many times at something, you begin to have an overall feel of that thing. An intuition, you know all the ways that wouldn't work. Such levels of failure will teach you by force of pain, how things must be done to achieve success in that thing.

And it shows this to you with absolute clarity. You get to fully understand why it's done a certain way. In this life, there are laws that are almost always obeyed. Like the law of gravity, it's the same thing with most activities as well. If you want to become a famous singer, there are laws that govern that kind of lifestyle, and must be obeyed. And you'll never know until you fail at the beginning, that's when you know how exactly to make it work.

If we imagine how little kids learn to walk, we'll see this firsthand. A little kid will try and fail several times. Each time learning something different. Each time developing certain muscles that will allow him/her stand and walk in the near future. That's the same situation with us adults. If you don't fail in something, then you don't learn new things. Because of a truth, the only way to learn something new is accepting to fail at it for as long as it would take, before some mastery can be achieved.

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Greetings @humor0404, From every fall suffered the most important thing is to recover quickly and keep trying until you succeed. Those falls help us to know more about our inner strength and also helps us to learn from the mistakes made.