Religion; A Beacon, But Is It Solely The Only Way To God?

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For one, I've believe religion to be something that takes a person farther away from God rather than closer. In my younger years my father had this church he attended, I wasn't in love with the principles it made me see the worship and the need to be close to God as a compulsion rather than a necessity or an obligation. Man has formed his own principles and perceptions about what true piety or what true religion should be like but perceptions are meant to be an aspect of one's reality that's not 100% statements of facts. In life I've come to find out that we hardly know everything and we are meant to be that way.

You see having 100% cognisance of the truth and facts behind our existence might turn us into this perfectionist idols and we might not get to experience the joy that comes with the freedom of total ignorance. However, in places where man hardly knows everything he tries as much as possible to know everything because the idea of being in the dark seem to be too incomprehensible, truth is, knowledge is power, yet knowledge is bane there are so many things we might know about life and we just might decide to stop living and loving it.

So like I said earlier, no one is 100% certain about what it means to be close to God, irrespective of how close or how right it feels to them. Knowing God is a personal thing, it's an encounter, it's something you need to suddenly get into as a result of the experiences you've encountered in your life. I feel religion is a beacon, a funnel that's suppose to channel or bring people closer to God, but this isn't really a natural process. But like I said earlier we don't need to seek after every knowlege in life but the ones we need to fulfil our purposes.

Our lives are like a testament to us, we know what's wrong and we know what's right. Deep down we know the right decisions and the needful truth we seek lies deep down our conscience. Believe me, we're not just endlessly existing, our consciousness is imbued with things that should lead us to the right path in life but in most cases we often follow the bandwagon of naysayers and wannabes and we end up losing ourselves in the process. Like I said discovery of piety is a personal process, deep down we know the things we should do.

One of the most unique feature of man is dominion and that's the ability to excercise sovereignty over the choices we're presented with. One of the reasons why this hasn't been the case is because when you look at the world, you see people making choices for other people and this prevent individualistic discovery that should come solely to people at the different stages of their lives. Religion is a beacon, a funnel but it isn't solely the way to God. There's a natural process of discovery that's within us and this isn't unlocked when we keep following different ideologies and perceptions of different people.

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Hey brother, yeah I believe that Religion is not the only way to God. Actually on my List it may be the last way ( even though Iam somewhat Religious as far as going to church). I truly believe you can sit at home and have a intimate relationship with God without any kind of Religious construct

Yeah I think a relationship with a creator or a sense of communion is something personal and not really based on religion and sometimes we don't understand this. Thanks for your enumerating comment

I belive , it is the trust and faith of existence of something that matters most. Following Religion, and worshipping idols are just a way to please them but it also show the belief in existence of some power ...

You're right, following religion sometimes just leads astray and nothing else.

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Thanks a whole lot