Growing your business, the legitimate guide needed

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Growing your business is just like fertilizing your crops. Without it, your plant/business won't have the necessary power/ingridient to grow. Almost everybody in this world are into business in one way or the other. It is either you are selling goods or you are rendering services. It is very hard seeing a #human in this world not doing any of the above. This is while in every economy, we keep seeing business pushing up. On my last post, if you read through it, you will see me talking about how business is the engine room that drives every economy. I used #China as a case study, we can see how things changed over time. This was not magically done, it came largely from the contribution of the #Business men.

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What is Business?

An organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money.

Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit.

Businesses can be privately owned, for the very sake of profit making . An example of a corporate business is PepsiCo, while a mom-and-pop catering business is a private enterprise.


From the above definition, you will understand what a business entails to the fullest. It is self explanatory but permit me to expansiate it further. #A #business can be defined as a system where goods and services are being rendered with the purpose of #profit making. One thing you should know, or rather still, will I say one thing you should put in mind about #business is that the sole aim of all business is to #make #profit. There has never been anybody who sets up a business with the #sole aim of making lost. I have never come across such person.

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#For a #Business to be called a business, it must possess some certain qualities or critetias, This include;

i. It must be registered. I know not all business are registered, you shouldn't following such act. Get your business registered and do things right.

ii. It must employ worker: When a business is set up, it was be able to employ some person. Take for instance if I open a #clothing line business, I must employ people to work with me. This is where it affects an economy positively.

The above two mentioned reason are so vital when setting up a business. So always look to it.

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Do business have loss?

The simply and plain truth is #YES. Don't allow anybody deceive you, all business has lost. You will surely encounter one or two issues while running the business, this is where loss comes from. The good thing about this #loss is that it helps to get you educated. I will discuss about how loss impact business in our next topic.

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How to grow a business

I know my readers at this point in time wants to hear this part of the lengthy discussion. Wait no more, let us discuss on how our business can be grown. Permit me to drop some of the needed guide. This guide include;

i. Give your business a nice name: When setting up a business, make sure you choose nice name for your business. Just make your business name is very simple. Your business should even explain your business in full. Take for instance, names like #Indoomie, #cowbell milk, #bournvita, #addidas are all popular brand name. From the business name, you will definitely knows what the business is trying to sell out. This is the main reason why choosing a good business is vital. Take this for instant, I have seen someone name their business #konkilisha, this does not shows me any picture of the business while pronouncing the name. It just looks odd. People might not want to patronise it.

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ii. Site setting: Make sure you set up your business in a locality where it is being needed. First of all go to the place you wish to set your business at, take your time and make research on what they love and later venture into it. You will do exploit if this is done.

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iii. Dedication: When you start up your business, one thing you should do is to make sure you dedicated your time and effort to your business. Even though you have a $manager, don't allows him/her run your business completely for you. Give your business your time and effort, it will really help you out in long run.

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iv. Advertisement: As a core business man or an individual who wants to venture into business, you should consider this aspect very vital. You should make sure that you take the advertising aspect very important. While advertising your business, they are options to consider. Make sure you run a targetted ad. The #targeted #ads I am saying is that, you should make sure that your product is been targeted to those who needs it. Don't just do a business ads of you selling #cement to #Mr Andrew who is into #clothing life, he will never take it serious. Make sure that the person you aiming your ads to is in line with what you are #selling.

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I hope you enjoy all that was said above. If you are looking to venture into business, consider these options, it will go a long way into ensuring that your business follows the right trend. For the time being, I will end it here, just keep your eyes on my blog till I roll up more business content which will help to sharpen you properly. On my next blog, I will still be educating us on how to grow our business and legitimately, just stay tune.

As I am leaving you with this content, keep this dose of #justice on your mind.

  There is no perfect   
   guide on how to 
   grow a business, 
   but the above will 
   help to sharpen 
    your business 
    properly. Take it 

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