Paralysis By Analysis: How To Overcome It

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Good day everyone, hope you all are doing great. 3days ago I wrote a post about paralysis by analysis which was about we overthinking when making decisions and at the end of the day we always find it so hard to choose a decision and we end up doing nothing. This is really affecting everyone and I really received some feedback on my post and someone ask for how to overcome this kind of situations.

There are lot of ways we can take to prevent this from affecting us. The main thing that happens during this situations is that we tend to weigh every decisions as the same thing, like they are really important which ought not to be. We should always learn to Prioritize Our Decisions. There are some decisions that are important to work on at that point in time and there are some that you can work on later, we should differentiate them and if you are also finding it hard to do that, then ask yourself this questions, how important is the decisions and it is that important for you to do right away or later. Through that you can overcome overthinking.

Another aspect you need to decide on is why are you making the decision, is there any tangible reason or goals backing up the decision you want to work on. Why should you take that decisions call. At times I do ask myself almost everything different post titles keep popping in, I will be like, it is really a good thing to write about this topic at the particular time, what will people reading this achieve form it. Same thing you need to do, know the reason why you are really taking that decisions. If you do, no matter the decisions popping up from different angles you wont be distracted since you already know why you should do what you are doing.

At times these decisions you are taking might be too much for you to handle, all you need is to break it down into smaller decisions and take your time to make it work out. You can always set deadlines for yourself and work around the time till you finish it. Also most people only need to be pressurize, if they don’t receive that pressure, it will be hard for them to take the decisions. If that the case, pressurize your self till you finish that task. Just know that prioritizing and knowing the reason why you should take that decisions is very vital.

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How can we differentiate from decision worth taking and others not worth taking?

@valchiz decision making is the key to success if you take good decision you will not be having any problem in life.we need to be strong once we have taken the decision.

'paralysis by analysis', I must say, that heading caught me. however, I'm a fan of planned decisions, it's important to spend more time planning that to make hasty decisions and get fatal results.