Impact technology to boost new ventures

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The path of entrepreneurship is a difficult one, because you never know with total certainty which direction to take, much less the actions that should be done exactly, everything depends on the attitude we have to face the problems that arise over time; the truth is that each entrepreneur transforms the vicissitudes in things that make them better and others only seek ways to avoid the problems.

Business life hides a number of secrets, which are important for organizational growth, but it is at this moment, where it becomes a competitive world, since not all entrepreneurs are willing to impart knowledge to new entrepreneurs and that is when they begin to live within the financial ecosystem.

In order for an entrepreneur to understand a little about the subject of business positioning, he/she must take into account the bridge of impact that technology creates, since nowadays the world moves through it; some of the actions that new entrepreneurs should take, is the implementation of ordering applications, where they have a closer approach to the user, making the shopping experience, a little more feasible and of course to deliver greater opportunities when selecting a product, if the venture is developed in a hybrid way, ie, digital and physical way, you must take into account the experience that the customer will have at the physical level, making them notice the difference of buying in your company and how outstanding it is this at the technological level.


As for home delivery, we can see a clear example of some companies when it comes to innovate, since the implementation of drones or robotic systems to deliver products is becoming increasingly common and this has a simple reason, which is economic savings in labor and the technological step that the company wins. On the other hand, new entrepreneurs should focus on their final product, making use of all the technological tools available to them, as this will allow them to grow exponentially in all business aspects.

An excellent business development would be defined by the implementation of technology at exponential levels within the company, starting from the establishment where the company is exercising its functions, to external systems for product delivery. New ventures will always be in the eyes of everyone, looking for something new in the market and when they find the company that meets the aspects they are looking for, they will create a loyalty with this, until they take it to the top.


Hi @yongleantonio, the issue of the technological impact to promote entrepreneurship activities is one of the frequent concerns, which has increased in recent years by remote activities and teleworking.
I share with you the suggestion or reflection to consider several options and work on achieving differentiation.
"I think it is important to consider the experience that the customer will have at a physical level, making him notice the difference of buying in your company and how outstanding it is at a technological level".

hello @raizayanez, thanks for reading and commenting on my post

If, according! Entrepreneurship requires a lot of knowledge and dedication, I think that one of the most relevant points is digital marketing, this will greatly depend on the positioning of the brand.