International business: an ancient concept that makes entrepreneurs great

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Mankind has always had the initiative to grow nascent businesses with international negotiations, making the way to market products go beyond a personal deal and begin to expand their functions to a point, that business capabilities grow as consumer demand increases internationally. International business is a taboo or unknown path for small entrepreneurs, sometimes seeing how their ventures are falling into an abyss without being able to do anything, this is due to the lack of knowledge at the commercial level that entrepreneurs have in their early years of trade.

It is advisable to start negotiations at the trade level, is to make a marketing study, which yields results according to the needs of the company that applies the study, thus achieving a prior knowledge of the market in which you want to market. To start exporting a product, only two factors should be taken into account or at least they are the most important, as the first factor we have the productive capacity of the company and this does not refer to the economic power that has the same, but the response capacity that has each department to meet the demand for products.


Once the analysis of the first factor is done, we proceed with the second factor, which is a transcendental step for any company and is the planning of delivery of the product to a distribution company abroad, this will increase profits quickly and not only increase them, but also ensure them, since by closing a contract for the distribution of goods, the company maintains an influential productive state, making its production grow considerably every year.

An entrepreneur should never be afraid of growth, much less of great challenges, since these are what allow you to reach greatness and it is these great steps that differentiate a local company from one that emerges at an international level; international business will always open a panorama of opportunities for any company and that business that plays all the cards in the matter, will reach the top faster, remember that there is no glory without sacrifice.


Excellent! Without a doubt, it is necessary to do a market analysis before deciding to offer a product or service, especially if we decide to expand the market to new horizons.


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