May Run #31: Lower Črnuče 10K

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Last day in the month of May, 31st run in the month, 152nd run in this year, 335th run in a row.

It's Sunday morning, fresh and sunny. I opt to go for a flat and steady pace run around lower Črnuče area. Most of the run is on asphalt with a kilometer on a tarmac road in the fields.

I took both phone and pocket camera with me to make another brief comparison.

Can you guess which one is made with the phone (Xiaomi Mi Max 2) and which with a proper camera (Sony DSC-RX100)? No post-processing was done on these two photos.

I promise that this is the last comparison. I won't pester you with those any more.

I still owe you (myself actually) nine reports for the runs this month. I hope I'll be able to do that today. It's fifteen minutes for a report which equals good two hours of work. Nevertheless, I'll do it to show my support for the @exhaust community and app and all the good work behind it.

#automaticwin was achieved easily. Sorry I was late to capture the screen.

The map of the run. You can see the peak on the right. I simply had to make a climb to finish it in style.

All the physical activity data that I display in my @exhaust and @actifit reports is gathered with the help of Coros Pace sports watch and displayed with Coros app.

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Three hundred and whatnow in a row!? Good grief, to say you are consistent may even sound like an insult.


The answer is quite straightforward. Last year, while I wasn't running regularly, I became ill-tempered and grumpy. My wife sent me for a run. And since I value my wife's wisdom I promised to run every day at least two miles. This is the result. It's not difficult at all.

lol I like your wife already

So close! If you change the hashtag from an #AutomaticWin to a #Win I'll send you a vote with the @AdventureReady account Ervin!

Recently I rolled out another fitness initiative to bridge the gap to achieving the #AutomaticWin. It's called #Win! 10,000 Steps before 10pm qualifies the @Actifit report as long as it's accompanied by the usual screen capture proof and the #Win hashtag. The up-vote isn't quite as juicy as the #AutomaticWin but never the less it's worth it especially when your this close! 🙌

I'll do it today since:

  • I didn't use the screen shot with the @actifit report
  • I forgot to include the (old) tag :)

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