May Run #28: Another Geocache

in hive-176853 •  2 months ago 

Geocaching in the forest above the bike park again. This time I went for the geocache named Malcolm in the ?

It was run first and finding the cache last. After trying the luck at several tree groups I finally found the right one and the cache was mine.

All was left was a quick run down the hill to arrive in time, before the kids finish their MTB training.

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I love these sorts of adventures! Wonderful to catch up on your activities Ervin!

So I thought I should mention it... but I have a little treasure hunt going right now called #TrailTreasure. If you find something on your step adventures (it’s got to be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand!) and you snap a picture of it and use the above hashtag in your @Actifit report you could be featured in the next #HighFive post!

😂 There you go... there’s two hashtags for you to check out! 😉

I hope that your having a wonderful weekend my friend! 🙌

Hey, thanks. I can combine your challenge easily with running and geocaching trips. Stay tuned :)

Awesome! I’ll stay tuned! 🙌

Have you managed to find any #TrailTreasure on your step adventures Ervin?

In my last Actifit Report I actually did find another one! A exact duplicate (except in an inverted position) of the little Hockey Player I found the week before! It was a surprise! It's fun that people are seeding things of interest for people to find like this... But honestly! #TrailTreasure can even be something nature left behind!

I'm not sure why... But the hashtag #TrailTreasure doesn't seem to be working that well... I hope that I'm not missing the things people find. Any ideas about that? I did notice that PeakD didn't pull up the hashtag while Hive Blog did. I wonder why that is?

I did find some yet the weekend was so full that I barely managed to publish the last three reports in time - two exhaust and one actifit report.

Does this count too?

About the #TrailTreasure tag - indexing works on first five tags. For the rest you can't depend on it.

bahahaha! I think that these lovelies would count for #TrailTreasures! 😲

I wonder how those got there... Maybe I don't want to know! 😵

Malcolm in the forest 😂 not in the middle

Both. The cache is named after the TV series. And the cache was hidden in the middle of a family of trees :)


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