asleep then awake [Exhaust Running Report, July 13th 2020]

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Yes; I am still running. It's just I don't take time to report the runs. If I don't do the report immediately after the run ...

Monday, July 13th, a long day and I was still tired from the weekend activities. In fact, I took a power nap at 10 pm and then went out on a short run down to the river Sava.

I was intentionally overdressed with long-sleeved shirt and 3/4 tights to counter the freshness of the night. It was hot in the end. Good!

Besides running, this afternoon I printed the first batch of bib numbers for the Franja cycling marathon, the biggest recreational cycling event in this area of Europe. It was postponed from June to September. Will it be held at all? nobody knows.

The map of the run. Easy does it.

This was run number 195 in this year and run number 377 in my current running streak. Moving on.

All the physical activity data that I display in my @exhaust and @actifit reports is gathered with the help of Coros Pace sports watch and displayed with Coros app.

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