Logarska [Exhaust Running Report, July 26th 2020]

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At the beginning of the Logarska Valley, Sunday, 7:20 in the morning. The valley is in the shadow.

After ten kilometers and a hour and a quarter later the sun is warming the meadows.

Can you notice how everything looks differently? An early morning sun adds a special quality to nature. At least it adds to the human eye.

Another fascinating and beautiful place which always touches my inner chords is the Črna creek. Running by it is an outstanding experience.

The map of the run. I took the forest trail on the left of the map going south into the valley and the opposite side trail and the main road while returning back down.

#automaticwin was achieved easily.

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Oh wow, really beautiful and amazing pictures! These are in my dreams 🥰

Thank you. I am grateful for every step that I may take in this beauty.


Ps: come visit :)

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Hvala :)

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