Cycling To The City From The 'Burbs

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I'm approaching my 50's and I really need to start exercising again. The excess weight has to go. Coronary artery disease is no joke and prevention is the best cure. I used to be active until my thirties. Then I got married, fat and lazy. No more eating crap. Daily exercise. I started yesterday. Did some cycling in the countryside and posted about it.

I live in small city of a population of 120,000. Fortunately, there are bike paths and underpasses everywhere here. You can ride a bicycle from all the suburbs to the city center without having to worry about cars. There is no excuse not to ride a bicycle every day when the roads aren't frozen.

I rode from a suburb that I live in to the center. I stopped at the old bus station. The new bus station is next to the railway station. There is a supermarket to the left of the waiting room.

IMG_4518 2.JPG

That architectural style is called functionalism. The station was built in 1939.

IMG_4513 2.JPG

This is the waiting room. There is a restaurant behind the doors on the left.

IMG_4515 2.JPG

I ate this but I think I earned them. No fat, just sugar that I would burn in short order.

IMG_4521 2.JPG

A view to the west. I crossed that street before climbing on top of the esker.


That's a pretty steep climb but I had no trouble with it. I felt like I was in much better shape than I had expected. This is motivating.

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Well done mate, cycling is really a fantastic way to exercise, keep it up.

Thanks, I will. It's an easy way to cover quite a bit of distance as well if the necessary infrastructure is in place.