Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.

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Hi Hivers!


This will be a very short post. Being part of the crypto space for close to 3 years now has made me understand that Good things come to those who wait but I discovered that, it stays longer with those who wait patiently.

A lot of people wait for good things to come but they don't wait patiently, they doubt what they do and lack consistency. It is said that success doesn't come easily, you have to try and try till you get there one day.

Sometimes in the past, being part of this community was a total mess and somewhat heartbreaking for me, I could remember when I celebrated my one year anniversary on Steem. I didn't get one cent upvote. I got almost nothing.

All my earnings on steem was either from steemhunt or a featured post on Air-clinic. I know a lot of people in my shoes back then, we were facing same problem but most of them gave up, they waited for good thing to come but they didn't wait patiently. Some gave up at the start of everything, just after our introduction post.

I am grateful that I waited on blogging and during this wait, I was able to grab some other meaningful things on the chain aside just blogging.

Thanks to all my friends for their support and love.



I am Bee 🐝 in the City of Neoxian



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