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Hello Hivers and Splinterlands Warriors!

Maybe some splinter are not just meant for me. I am always very late for any challenge when the theme is not from my favourite splinter.

Getting a Earth Splinter Quest helped a bit. I had to battle and battle with it. And one of my best battle had Javelin Thrower in the last role which was my strongest Range Attacker.


This card belong to the Earth Splinter Family and it has the "PIERCING" Ability.

One thing I love about this card is its ability and this same ability made me love Goblin Mech(A Neutral Monster)

I'm not a fan of Earth Splinter but Javelin Thrower is one of my best card in Earth when I must play with Earth either for quest or Battle Rules.

About The Battle

In this battle, I had 6 cards and the rules for the battle says "Melee can attack from any position and also Reverse Rules" which simply means I am expected to play with Monsters with lower health because they will attack first.

This was why I selected the following cards:


All this cards have lower health in my Earth Splinter collection and hard to use Javelin Thrower as my Range Attacker, No other card in my collection could play the role it played in the battle.

My first 3 roles did perfectly well in this battle as they were able to perform according to the rules. Spirit Shaman AND Spirit Miner are both strong magic cards and finally the JAVELIN THROWER which was the only Ranged Attacker.

Strategy worked fine because this cards ability doesn't just damage the enemy monster's armor but does move to their health when the damage is in excess of the targets Armor. This gave me higher chances of killing enemy monsters faster in the battle.



I am Bee 🐝 in the City of Neoxian



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@anikys3reasure! Nice post! Remember to still share a link to your battle, even if you put it on youtube. The battle links include your referral. If someone sees your post and decides to join Splinterlands you want them to be able to find it... and... if they sign up with your referral link you'll get 5% of their Summoner's Spellbook and any Booster or Orb packs they purchase (potions don't count currently) forever!

Thanks. Noted

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