How does your Work from Home setup look like?

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After the lockdown was announced and came into existence in many countries, most of us have been working from home. It has been a little over 2 months already. Many companies were not prepared for this and many companies already had work from home options for their employees so that the transition was smooth. My company had a smooth transition because all the employees were given laptops after the Chennai floods we had years back. So, this did not have any big impact on us. All we did was just take a few things home from the office and start working from home the next day onwards after the announcement of lockdown.



It is true that we need a proper work from home setup to work peacefully. The work environment should be pretty neat so that we can be productive working from that. Let that be office or house whatever it is, I personally feel that it should be comfortable and let us sit for hours together without any health issues. If people had sophisticated setup in their office, it can be pretty difficult to work from home without that setup. There are also both physical as well as psychological factors that make things uncomfortable for some people when it comes to working from home.

To talk about my setup, I don't have a proper table or anything in my office. I prefer sitting on the floor and working. The main reason is that I can keep my leg in the position I would like to keep. In general, I always prefer sitting on the floor than a bed or chairs. For some reason I find it comfortable this way. In order to work with my personal laptop I have a small table that would help me keep the laptop on that and use it if I sit on the floor. This small table is very comfortable for me and now I have started using two laptops with the same table. During work hours my work laptop will be on that and after work hours my personal laptop will be on that.



One bad thing about work from home is that I have not been doing any physical since lockdown. At least during the office days, I used to travel and work inside the office premises. Now I don't even go out of my house or even my room for that matter. I sometimes even get body pain for just staying inside my room in the same position. I guess that is the only problem I have been experiencing with this work from home. Other than that I don't really have any big complaints about work from home. I guess I'm pretty happy about this work from home because I like solitary working without any disturbances around me. At times wife can be disturbing but more than 80 percent of the time, I stay alone in my room which makes me more productive than my usual office going days.

I have a TV in my room which I'm currently using as a secondary monitor at times not for sharing my screen but to view any tutorial videos or something while studying to code. I'm also thinking about purchasing an HDMI cable so that I can use my TV as a secondary monitor if required. I'm used to working with two monitors in my office and that is what I feel very uncomfortable right but I still manage with the current setup, to be honest. If I can connect my TV as my secondary monitor then, I think that will be a good sophistication. It will also be great if I can connect wireless without a need for HDMI cable. Let me check that option.

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Nice to see you use the @telokanda tag man. 😄


Thanks mate. 😀

Lol, even I haven't moved out of my house or room for that matter....
Need to get back on physical activity again.
BTW, you have a job and manages all these sideby projects productivity and management skills you have bro!

Oh thanks man. Sometimes I feel that I have the worst management skills and I waste a lot of time. I really wanted to be more productive than this.

But nice to hear compliments from you. I should also think about having some physical activity. I'm just spending lots of time inside the room in front of my laptop.

😁 the two monitors guy 👌👌
Was limited to laptop for an year now. Our company shipped us a thinclient and a Monitor home 😊 Have set it up in living area, exactly behind them, runs speakers and laptops dedicated to Netflix, prime, hotstar, mxplayer, youtube and everything that shouts louder 🤣

Lol that's a nice setup. I now wish I should have brought my office monitors home. It might have been a little better to work. 😀