I have stopped doing self-votes on my Hive posts

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When I started my journey first on Steem, I used to wonder a lot about self votes. Those days I was only familiar with Facebook and no other social networking application, not even Twitter or something like steem. So, when I started my journey here, I noticed that many people were voting their own posts and comments. It was a bit strange to me. In a platform like Facebook, liking our own post or photo is considered to be a trolling element. I guess even today that is the case on Facebook and Twitter. People won't like their own posts or contents.



But on blockchains where the money is involved it is something like tipping ourselves a small portion from the reward pool for our own efforts. I was seeing it only that way and especially after seeing many people rewarding their own posts, I started doing self votes as well. My vote value was not very great, to be honest, but still I didn't want to miss that little value because my posts were not gaining any good attention. Though it is still a problem until today, thanks to some of the communities and friends who have been supporting me to get that little reward consistently.

Recently I noticed that some of my friends have stopped voting their own posts. This triggered something on my head. I went back to the thoughts that I had during my initial days and thought it would be good for me as well to stop voting on my own posts. It's been nearly a week since I stopped voting on my own posts. Now I'm just intended towards curating someone else's post instead of voting my own post. Every day I vote nearly 10 posts if it is a 100% vote from me. And most of the time I maintain my Voting mana in 90% and not less than that. I also have people whom I auto vote every day. So with two votes less, I will be able to curate some more people every day.



Recently I joined the engagement league being hosted by @abh12345 and I noticed that there were many people on top who never votes on their own posts. That also came up as an inspiration for me to stop doing self voting. So, for now I'm going to stop self voting activities on my posts which I have been already doing for the past week. I'm just going to see how it goes and if it is comfortable I might continue that forever.

If you find my article interesting, please vote, share, and follow. Also, please let me know your thoughts about self voting in the comments section.

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I respect your choice. 🤘

Thanks bro. 😀

This is great big brother, I think I have been upvoting to my own post in my early days.
I have never upvote my own post from nearly last one year or more then that.

You really makes me surprise from your topic of the daily blog. This is amazing.🤝 🙏

Oh that's nice. So, I'm going to follow your trails now by not voting on my own posts. That's great. 😉

although my upvote not at all worth off 😋🙏

There is nothing like worth and not worth it. And by the way that is one of the reasons why I stopped voting myself. 😉

ha haaa the voting power means a lot 🤣

lol 😀

Post the new 50-50 reward distribution, I read somewhere that there is no harm in voting own post . In anyway the reward will get distributed

Yes that's why I thought I would vote my own posts but now rather I think it would be better to vote someone else with that Voting mana instead of voting myself.

Hmm people choice does matter too....

Yes, that's right. It is just a personal thought. 😀

That is very important decision and I think we all need to think this through and start acting.
That's how community works less me and more us. And not voting for oneself is the 'less me' part.

Yes that's true. This can be a good attempt to start with a selfless motive here and give it back to the community. 😀

That's true, giving back to the community.

That's the great decision, and I am following it from the last one month or so.

Yes you were one of the inspirations for me to decide this way. 😀

Wow, good to know


Great decision. I usually don't like my posts on FB. But, I have made it a habit to 'like' my own videos on youtube and upvote my own posts on Hive. 😃

Since I'm not that regular to post contents, i end up distribuiting most of my votes to others.

Yes that's how I also started but today I thought just 1 vote which is mine is not going to matter so much so, I decided to not vote any of my posts or comments from now on. 😀

😄😄 I'm ther too bro. Same exactly. I never liked my fb post and infact stopped posting on fb for long. Just using the other face Instagram.

This is like people saying "Money is not Everything" and I often get the next thought - he has already made lot of money, that's when he says Money is not everything.

But what you are doing is a real heroic thought bro. Even though voting power is less, I still vote my posts. I like what you wrote and you following. Will fall in your way.

Thanks a lot for making it count. Nice write up bro 👌

Thank you so much bro. Even I thought every penny counts and wanted to vote my own posts. Then only I realised why not take this big step and see how it goes. I'm glad that you are motivated. 😀

😊 its day 3 and Feeling great about it already. What we give comes back as a bigger reward one day. Thanks bro

Great. Yes it sure does come back some day. You are welcome. 😀