No one species can ever dominate

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Our modern science has not reached far with knowing the secrets about fungus. We have made many breakthroughs in understanding the capabilities of fungus and many fungi have also been classified. But there is still plenty of them that are still mysterious to mankind. Recently I was watching one of the natural documentary series on Netflix. The documentary talked about how suddenly ants grow in numbers inside a jungle and once the number gets huge, there will be a fungus attack to reduce the number of ants in the jungle. The below video will shower more information on this topic.

There are fungus, viruses, and bacterias all around us both doing good as well as bad to us. In order to keep the diversity under control, it is nature that selected these fungus, viruses, and bacterias to keep things under control. If one species can dominate the world it would not be right. The basic reason for a food chain itself is the same. One species or one animal becomes prey for the other animal. If any of those species or animals are disturbed in the middle, the food chain will be affected and the equilibrium will be disturbed.

Every individual species are important for this planet in keeping the vegetation strong. But even inside strong vegetation like jungles, nature itself creates an automatic control mechanism where no one species can ever dominate. When I was watching this series, I was thinking about the corona situation that we are currently having. We might all debate about the origin of this virus but by seeing from this perspective maybe this is an act by nature to keep the world population under control. We all know that humans are exploiting many natural resources and also being a threat to other species and nature as a whole.



I'm now wondering if Nipah and Corona are just the act of nature to keep humans under control. I guess that is the reason why it is becoming hard for us to find a solution for it. The number of affected individuals keeps increasing every day and the death count is already increasing day by day. There is nothing we are able to do at this moment to keep it under control or prevent it from happening. We all just believe that increasing our immunity can prevent us from getting affected by the Virus. We have no other option right now with us.

In a way that is also true because many people get affected and recover from it easily and it is not the case that every individual who gets affected is dead. Some people even compare this with Chicken Pox where when an individual gets it once, it will not affect the same individual again. There is only a very rare possibility for the same person to get affected again. If this whole corona thing is an act of nature, then humans are just a victim for that and we can never prevent that from happening. Today we might escape from corona by inventing some vaccination but tomorrow there will be something else again that will control the humans if this is an act of nature.

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